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Imagine Something Better

Peter Bevan-Baker

We are ready to bring a new vision and commitment to public service; to Island politics.  And it is all based on a belief that if we dare to imagine something better, we can make it a reality.

So what is this something better, what can we collectively imagine?

I imagine a government with the courage to tackle the difficult problems like climate change and poverty.

I imagine strong, vibrant rural communities with local access to health care, education, business and recreational opportunities.

I imagine defining success beyond the economy, but by measuring the wellbeing of Islanders—all Islanders.

I imagine your government putting the needs of everyday Islanders first and being held to account by strong independent oversight.

I imagine a green energy economy where we create good jobs in the industries of the future whilst protecting that future for our grandchildren.

But mostly we can imagine a better future together.  It will require not only imagination, but also innovation, and embracing new beliefs.  It won’t be like the past, but it can be so much better.

Over the next few weeks, we will be knocking on doors and listening and learning what all Islanders imagine when they imagine something better. And that knowledge will lead us, guide us and truly inspire us.

Peter Bevan-Baker
Leader, Green Party of PEI