Greens introduce legislation to extend renoviction moratorium to November 2024

Charlottetown, PE - Yesterday Karla Bernard, Leader of the Third Party and MLA for Charlottetown-Victoria Park tabled legislation that will extend the moratorium on renovictions by another year to November 2024.

The renoviction moratorium was first introduced by the Green caucus in the fall 2021 sitting of the legislature to protect tenants from evictions for reasons of renovations or repairs that were not necessary to protect the health and safety of people or promote the preservation of property.

“Our vacancy rate continues to be stubbornly low while rental market prices skyrocket. With wages stagnant and our housing crisis worsening, there is quite frankly nowhere else for tenants to go if they are renovicted,” said Bernard. “While the new Residential Tenancy Act does include increased protections for tenants, we need to keep the moratorium in place until we see more affordable rental options available and our vacancy rate is at a healthier rate.”

The proposed legislation will give tenants much-needed relief while government does the necessary work to tackle the housing crisis including building more affordable housing and increasing density within our cities and towns.