Statement from MLA Matt MacFarlane Calling on Government to Proclaim Long-Awaited Temporary Foreign Workers Protection Legislation

Charlottetown, PE - This week The Guardian has brought to light crucial issues surrounding the challenges faced by temporary foreign workers (TFWs) in our community. The heartbreaking story of Lude Meng, a TFW on PEI, sheds light on the vulnerabilities these individuals face, particularly when it comes to workplace harassment and job security.

It is deeply concerning that despite the passage of the Temporary Foreign Workers Protection Act by the PEI legislature in May of 2022, this critical piece of legislation has yet to come into effect even after two years. During the bill's debate, it was expected that the implementation process would take approximately six months. The prolonged delay in implementing these protections is unacceptable.

The lack of urgency demonstrated by the King government in implementing these safeguards may have contributed to the hardships experienced by Lude Meng and countless others. TFWs operate in precarious work conditions, often tied to a single employer with limited mobility in the job market. For them, the loss of employment could result in deportation.

It is important to recognize the invaluable contributions that TFWs make to the economy of Prince Edward Island. However, these contributions must be met with reciprocal protections and rights. The government has had ample time to enact these safeguards, and the time for putting these protections into action is now.

I call on the King government to prioritize the immediate proclamation of the Temporary Foreign Workers Protection Act. TFWs deserve to work in environments free from harassment and exploitation, with the assurance of basic rights and protections. As a compassionate and responsible society, it is our duty to ensure justice and dignity for all members of our community, including temporary foreign workers.

Matt MacFarlane

Third Party Critic for Workforce

MLA Borden-Kinkora