Spring Sitting Ends as King Government Hides from Accountability and Fails to Address Issues in Healthcare, Housing, and Climate

Charlottetown, PE - Today the spring sitting of the legislature ended as Dennis King’s PC government used its majority to pass an uninspired budget and a weak legislative agenda.

With growing crises in healthcare, housing, climate, and affordability, Premier King and his Ministers are more focused on avoiding accountability for their many failures than taking bold and decisive action to improve the lives of Islanders.

“This spring sitting showed Islanders just how little the PC government has to offer Islanders,” said Leader of the Third Party Karla Bernard. “Not only is this the most secretive government ever when it comes to showing where and how public money is being spent, this is a government that doesn’t want to make the changes Islanders need. When presented with tangible solutions from the opposition, like the Green bill to remove sick notes, the PCs chose to vote as a block against a recommendation coming directly from doctors.”

During the spring sitting the Green caucus:

“While the King government flounders, the Green caucus will continue to put Islanders at the centre of everything we do,” said Bernard. “We will put forward common sense solutions that make a real difference for our province.”