District 13 First Green Meeting

  I am really excited about being nominated as District 13 Green Party candidate. Thank you for all the support at      the only contested nomination last month. Also thank you Kali Simmonds for running as an eminently qualified        candidate. Vigorous contests and qualified candidates are what the Green party needs.

 To start off I and Karen would like to invite you all to a “meet your Green District 13 Candidate “ meeting         Friday 4  to 6pm at our home at the Y Lofts at 252 Prince Street (please enter from the terrace on your right BEFORE entering the building). We will have some food and drink, but your own food and drink to share would also be very welcome. We plan to run a low cost campaign, so every contribution counts

Even more importantly bring friends and acquaintances who might share your belief in Green issues and want to help make them happen. Right now we have 40 members in the district and expanding the numbers of our supporters in our district is critical for success when election comes around.

Most of my friends are of Green persuasion and many live in other districts. If you would also like to join our team and help me and Karen out, please come too.

In order to win our district, we need to work as a team so please arrive with some ideas of how you can help make our campaign a success and have fun while doing it.

Forming an Electoral District Association (EDA) would be a great support in terms of organizing Green events focused on the Brighton Area. If you would like to be involved in forming an EDA, please let us know.


  Ole Hammarlund

  Green Party candidate for District 13

  Sustainable Architect and commentator on Green issues

  [email protected]

September 14, 2018 at 4:00pm - 6pm
Ole Hammarlund ·

Will you come?