Green Party Campaign Launch and Nominations

We are launching our campaign in the heart of District 8, nominating our final candidates, celebrating the completion of a full slate of 27 Green candidates and the launch of our election platform! Bring your friends and be part of an historic evening for the Green Party of PEI.

Please note: Voting at this nomination meeting will be in-person only. Due to the short timeframe, we will not be sending out online ballots or accepting proxy votes. All members of the Green Party for at least 30 days are eligible to vote.

The following individuals have been approved to seek the nominations in Districts 3, 6, 7, 8 and 26, respectively:

For District 3 - Montague-Kilmuir

Patrick Brothers

Patrick is a sixth-generation farmer in the community of Greenfield, PEI. Patrick has worked on the family farm since he was a child. After graduating from Montague Regional High School in 2004, Patrick worked on a neighbouring farm as well. In 2005, he moved to Alberta and spent three years in the oil industry there, followed by four years in Ontario working in the agriculture industry.

Patrick returned to PEI in 2014 to continue farming on the Island. He is well aware of the challenges facing the agricultural industry and rural PEI. Although small communities and rural areas on PEI have been in decline for the past number of years, he believes that with the right guidance and incentives these areas could grow rapidly in the future. Patrick hopes to not only bring industry and the family farm back to his district, but all of PEI with the Green Party.

Candidate Statement:

As a father, I believe it is my job to protect PEI now and to improve it for my son’s future. Working with the Green Party gives me the opportunity to make this happen. My goals as an MLA will be to invest in small business, health care, and to keep schools open in rural areas. Investing in small business on PEI will enable us to provide employment and stop the drain of young people from PEI. By investing in health care and rural schools, we ensure a healthy, educated population. I believe every positive step to improve rural PEI is a positive step to improve all of PEI.

Gregory Jobe

With a depth of business and engineering roles in his background, Greg is prepared to move from the private sector to public service.  Beginning with a technical education outside his home in Cape Breton his connection to PEI began in the 1980’s at the Cavendish plant in New Annan where he occupied technical and supervisory roles. In seven years he witnessed the rapid growth of this business and its complex relationship with the province and its enormous impact.  From this start he developed a respect for dedicated, competent focused leadership and what it can accomplish. Equally important is the camaraderie and friendship established with the shop floor staff and this impact continues to motivate him.

With new wife and first daughter Anastasia, Greg relocated to Halifax in the 90’s to pursue an engineering degree before moving to Hartland, NB to work as a Business Analyst with McCain IT.  After 2 ½ years in Hartland an opportunity to move back to PEI for work in Kings county was taken 2003 and they have resided in Montague since then.

Greg works at Wyman’s of Canada as their PEI Farm Manager.  He enters public service as sense of duty.

Candidate Statement:

I understand that some people will never be swayed from their position no matter how compelling the opposition. I try to not judge people on their point of view but on their motivations.

I am a rationalist and can empathize with many sides/opinions/beliefs looking at a problem. As a member of a team and whether in opposition or in government, I will strive to ensure consensus on the purpose of our actions and consensus on the effects.  With this election I hope PEI sees the end of party politics.

John Allen MacLean

John Allen MacLean was born and raised in what is now called Three Rivers. He attended the Montague family of schools where he excelled in academics and music. He went on to attend UPEI where he earned a B.A. (psychology) and a B.Ed. (Elementary education). 
As a youth John Allen was active in the arts. He was an Atlantic Canada champion step dancer and also performed in school and community musical productions. Upon completing his degrees at UPEI  he set out to explore a career in entertainment. For ten years he performed in musical theatre shows around the maritimes. He went on to join Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia, an internationally renowned touring company, with which he travelled worldwide for thirteen years performing puppetry shows for family audiences. “It was amazing to be able to visit and live in so many places, whether it was for a weekend or for weeks at a time. Learning from other cultures, traditions, and languages has helped to open my eyes to different ways of perceiving the world. More importantly has also shown me that regardless of where we are from in the world we all smile, we all laugh, we all love, and we are all kind. Out similarities as humans far outweigh our differences.“
John Allen moved back home to PEI a couple of years ago to be closer to family. He has taken over his family homestead where he grew up, a large country home which operated as a boarding house for senior citizens when he was young. “When I was a  five-year-old my best friend was eighty years old,” he recalls. Since moving back he has been substitute teaching in the public school system, working at a local new business (Copper Bottom Brewing) and reacquainting himself with the people and places that are such an important part of his personal history. 

Candidate statement:

My  highest values are fairness, kindness and patience. Having the patience to calmly listen to others’ ideas and learn from them is the only doorway to understanding them. Viewing it all through a filter of kindness helps us to see that we are indeed all working toward finding our personal good and balance. Fairness represents balance. I strive to find balance in all my decisions, thoughtful meanderings and communications. Fairness isn’t about giving everyone everything that they want. It is about ensuring that everyone gets something a leaves a situation feeling heard and fulfilled equally.

For District 7 - Morell-Donagh

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald is an active member of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island. He currently sits on Provincial Council, as the Eastern Rep. He is also an active member in the Morell Lions Club. His passion is helping people and that is why he became involved in both organizations. He believes that we have a moral obligation to help other people in times of need. He has three children, Kayla Jade 20, Tadem 6, and Wyatt 3. He currently works in the aquaculture industry and is the sole proprietor of a forestry business. He believes in being a voice and helping those who are the most vulnerable. He is an avid supporter of local, self reliance. Kyle feels that Prince Edward Island could be the perfect example for the rest of Canada, on how to enact fundamental change in how governments conduct themselves. Accountability, integrity and transparency are key factors that Kyle believes are lacking in government.

Candidate Statement:

I am humbled to be considered your nominee for district 7. I believe that we are living in a time where fundamental change needs to happen in order to provide a safe and healthy environment for future generations. Being a father of three, has spurred me to live a life of compassion, empathy and a willingness to help others. Being a member of the Morell Lions Club has given me a unique perspective on the struggles of our most vulnerable citizens. This could be any one of us at any time in our lives, which is very important to remember. We live in a province that in the past was considered have-not. I disagree with this designation. I believe, that because we have had so very little, it has made us stronger and allowed us to be very diverse in how we make a living and raise our families on Prince Edward Island. We live in a Culture of Community. One large family in essence.

We have the ability because of our size to see real, fundamental change more quickly than any other province in Canada. We have the fortitude and conviction to experience success in all meaning of the word by doing what we do best, which is looking after one another. I believe that I would be a good member of the legislative assembly because I have been an engaged observer in the way past and current governments conduct themselves in relation to how they treat their constituents. It has eroded trust and shown a widening gap between those representing and those that are represented.

I believe our size is our strength. I believe that by working collaboratively, we can be independently and collectively successful. Our province is the perfect size for being a test model for the rest of Canada to implement changes that will help revive communities and allow those community members opportunities for long-term meaningful employment. This will help families thrive and remain together by not having to fracture and move to other provinces to gain employment.

For District 8 Stanhope-Marshfield

Sarah Donald

Sarah Donald is a Stanhope-Marshfield election candidate. As the Residence Life Coordinator at the University of Prince Edward Island, she is passionate about community, and mental health supports for all Islanders, especially young adults. She first became passionate about mental health while being a student and employee at the University of Winnipeg where she volunteered as the university’s cheerleading coach and for non-profit, youth mental health group,

Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan, Sarah understands the integral role of farmers and Islanders living in rural areas. Sarah believes the government should work for and be representative of the people and hopes to make the voice of all residents within the district heard.

Candidate Statement:

Very quickly after moving to Prince Edward Island from Winnipeg, I realized I had found home. As an avid hiker I soon gained a preference for the area of Stanhope-Marshfield through hiking the Winter River Trails. I made a commitment to give back to the area by picking up trash each week along the Pleasant Grove and York roads. I was motivated to seek nomination in this district because of my appreciation and love for the beauty of the area, and the community of unique individuals that inhabit it. If given the opportunity to represent the people of this district, I want to make sure that their voices are heard, and they don’t feel that their representative is inaccessible. It is important to me that issues important to them are brought forward, and regular feedback and communication between individuals and me is constant. If chosen to represent the people of District 8, I would be extremely visible and accessible in the community, and would commit myself to listening and understanding the community needs.


For District 26 Alberton-Roseville

James McKenna

James McKenna is seeking the nomination for District 26. He currently resides in St. Louis, where he has spent the majority of his life.  Born in Alberton, James has always been passionate about education and learning. He graduated from U.P.EJ, in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. After having worked locally for a couple of years, James took a Holland College course in computer programming in order to work for the provincial government combating the Y2K issue.

James then spent a year in Seoul, Korea, teaching English as a second language. This experience has lead James to believe that people everywhere are essentially the same, despite small cultural differences.

After returning to Canada and earning a Bachelor of Education degree from Memorial University, James has since been an educator at Westisle Composite High School, where he has also coached badminton, theatre, and has recently become the editor of the school yearbook, James has always had a commitment to helping the greater community in which he lives. Whether it has been volunteering for local community theatre, helping students collect canned goods during Westisle's annual food drive, or getting dunked in the tank at the local parish picnic, James has never been shy to step up and lend a hand.

As both a father and grandfather, James is concerned about ensuring there is a sustainable future for his descendants and wants future generations to be able to enjoy the peace, beauty, and bounty that Prince Edward Island has to offer for many years to come.

Candidate statement:

I would like to be the Green Party MLA for District 26 Alberton-Bloomfield because I believe the Green Party is the best party to protect the environmental interests of islanders while simultaneously providing a strong economy for future growth. Islanders are ready to embrace an exciting change in politics in which we move to a more collaborative approach to solving our collective issues and I would like to be a part of that historic change.

I am a well-informed individual who is good at cooperating with others in order to achieve a clearly set goal and I am willing to work hard for you, the residents of District 26.

April 01, 2019 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
16 Harbour Rd
York , PE C0A1P0
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