2018 Provincial Council Candidates

For President

Jordan MacPhee

I am applying for the role of President of the Green Party of PEI's Provincial Council. I've been serving on various roles in the party since 2015, from Kings County Rep, to Membership & Volunteer Chair, to Vice President. I believe this has been a fortunate path that has led me from a place of relatively little organizational experience a few years ago, to today being increasingly comfortable in learning the tasks and needs of a new role.

The party is attracting a lot of well-deserved public attention lately, which is garnering a new wave of support from people in the community, including from well-respected community leaders who are able and willing to be the public face of the party. If these leaders are the party's public face, then I think Council's work is to maintain the foundation of good governance.

As President, I would work with the rest of Council to serve the party's membership, ensuring that the party's core values and the wishes of our members are represented by a committed and responsible Council that helps set the party up for electoral success as well as fosters a welcoming community.

Bio: I'm an organic farmer in Grand Tracadie and business owner living in Charlottetown. Before joining the party in 2015, while attending classes at UPEI, I was involved with a number of local NGOs focusing on environmental issues, public policy, and agriculture. I ran in the 2015 election in District 4 - Belfast-Murray River and afterward joined Provincial Council as Kings County Rep. I've since graduated from UPEI with a BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies and am now pursuing a career in sustainable agriculture and software development for local food producers.

Jordan MacPhee is nominated by: Sue Whitaker, Jordan Bober, Trish Altass, Lynne Lund, Josh Underhay

For Vice President

Susan Hartley

Susan has spent a lifetime working as a clinical psychologist, an educator and human rights advocate. She has served in leadership roles in her profession, including as past President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia, and in community volunteer work. Through her work and volunteering, Susan has been exposed to a wide range of human experience, and has developed a strong sense of social justice that has led her into activism, humanitarianism and politics. She was a long-standing director of the non-governmental organization, Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan (CW4WAfghan), is a Rotary Peace Scholar, a conflict resolution professional and a consultant in community engagement and facilitation, and has served as the Green Party of PEI’s Shadow Critic for Health & Wellness since 2016.

I am excited by the growth and challenges that the Green Party of Prince Edward Island is experiencing at this time and understand how important it is to have good governance and solid leadership. We are at a pivotal time of change in our Province and in our Party and I believe that, as I member of the Party Executive, I can contribute significantly to a clear, positive, and well-developed plan moving forward.

Susan Hartley is nominated by: Chris Hartley, Trish Altass, Karla Bernard, Kyle MacDonald, Jordan Bober

For Fundraising Chair

Jordan Bober

I came to Prince Edward Island nearly two years ago via Vancouver, Europe and Alberta where I grew up, and have been a very active member of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island ever since, having managed both the D21 and D11 by-election campaigns, serving on Provincial Council as Fundraising Chair since November 2016, and now working to get the party ready for the next general election. After completing a Master's degree in Economics in Sweden in 2008, I joined the Green movement upon moving to Vancouver that same year and was active in the federal, provincial and municipal Green parties there, serving in governance, staff, campaign management and other volunteer capacities.

I am re-offering for the position of Fundraising Chair in order to build upon our successes of the past two years and be able to hand off a strong fundraising base and system to my eventual successor. Since taking on this role, the Green Party raised more than double in 2017 what it has raised during the 2015 election year, and we have built a strong base of more than 70 monthly recurring donors. I have applied the power of the party's new database to create much more effective  (and non-annoying) fundraising campaigns and to efficiently and accurately generate tax receipts at the beginning of each year, and have documented every step along the way to ensure that my successors will not have to reinvent the wheel.

My goal over my next term is to primarily ensure that we are financially well-prepared for the next election, whenever it may come, while supporting the development of local candidate and EDA-led fundraising and continuing to grow our monthly donor base to the point that it can fund all core party operations.

Jordan Bober is nominated by: Susan Hartley, Hannah Bell, Nancy Rawson, Lynne Lund, Judith Bayliss

For Western Representative

Trish Altass

I would like to reapply for the position of Western Rep on council. I would like to continue in this role so I can support the continued growth of the Green party in Western PEI, and ensure that the voices of Western Greens are represented on Council.

Bio: Trish Altass is a sociologist and researcher at the Young Lives Research Laboratory housed at UPEI, where she is part of an interdisciplinary research team evaluating the scale-up of social and emotional learning programs in Atlantic Canada. Trish has co-authored book chapters and peer-reviewed publications that consider how education systems can best prepare youth for work in the knowledge-based creative economy, and conducted research exploring the paid and unpaid work experiences of women in PEI who identify as low income or facing economic hardship. Trish is a member of the PEI Working Group for a Livable Income, a former chair of the Research, Policy and Evaluation Working Group of the Guelph and Wellington Task Force for Poverty Elimination, was a founding member of the Community Engaged Scholarship Institute at the U of G, and has served as president and women’s council chair of CUPE 3913. Before starting her career as a researcher, Trish earned a diploma in Child and Youth Work and was a front line worker in residential care programs for youth. Trish Altass was born in Eastern PEI, and now lives in Summerside.

Trish Altass is nominated by: Lynne Lund, Hannah Bell, Jordan Bober, Jordan MacPhee, Josh Underhay.  

For Central Representative

Joan Diamond

As an engaged member of the GP PEI I do my best to use my skills to help build and grow the party.  I have always been an environmentalist, and have been concerned about the path industrial agriculture and the corruption attached to it have had on our beautiful island.  I have tried to raise awareness about important issues like this by way of social media and using innovative approaches like letter-writing campaigns and song-writing contests.  Although I realize each small thing makes a difference, I had been feeling hopeless for some time because people seemed to be apathetic. Then, in 2015 Peter Bevan-Baker got elected and many islanders' perspective seemed to shift.  People started to talk about our problems with corruption and secrecy. They seemed to be more aware of many of the problems we create when we bounce back and forth between red and blue. Since then I have promised myself to do everything in my power to help the Green Party gain as much ground and as many votes as we can.  This has included campaigning for candidates, helping with events and sharing as much as I can on social media.

I, like many of the people I have met within our party, am hoping to make PEI a safer, healthier and more prosperous place to live for future generations.  In addition to my Green party work, I also co-chair the group Pesticide Free PEI, am founder and Chair of the Holland College Green Machine and the Raymond Loo Memorial Gardens.  Recently I have joined concerned islanders in forming a new group, Coalition for the Protection of Island Land,and I look forward to working with them to close loopholes in the Land Protection Act.

One of the things I am most proud of as a member of the Green Party of PEI is the level of respect our representatives show and earn within government. I watch the legislature when it is in session and am always immensely proud of the incredible work both Peter and Hannah do.  I also realize that there are a lot of hard-working people in the background who help make this happen and am proud to know most of them. I hope to be able to contribute by continuing to raise awareness about issues and our party, and by helping to grow our membership base in Queen's County.  I am a creative and innovative thinker by nature and am sure these talents will prove useful in the role.

I am happy to be a member of such a forward-thinking and hard-working group and I am confident I could contribute even more as Queen's County Representative. Thank-you for considering this application.

Joan Diamond is nominated by: Ivy Wigmore, Julie-Lynn Zahavich, Maureen Kerr, Lynne Lund, Trish Altass