2019 Provincial Council & Ombuds Candidates

For President

Martin Ruben

Raised and schooled in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Martin left to work in the federal government in Ottawa for 30 years before moving to the Cayman Islands in 2009. He moved to PEI in April 2017 to become a consultant to public sector in Canada and internationally. Martin has a strong background in financial and performance audit, public sector management governance frameworks including Enterprise Risk Management, performance measurement and reporting and internal control. Martin is a CPA and was conferred the fellowship designation in 2013 for exemplary service to his profession. Martin has been recognized by his peers and his clients as an expert practitioner and advisor on the subject of governance and accountability frameworks related to managing for results in public sector.

Martin’s interest in the Green Party came about as a result of meeting Peter Bevan-Baker and discussing his concerns about the state of governance in the PEI Government. He believes that change in PEI must start with political will and sees the strong stand of the Green Party on environmental sustainability, good governance and accountable decision making as his main reasons for making his decision to do what he can to enhance the Green Party’s chances of becoming the next government of PEI. Martin has never been involved in the administration of a political party, however, he has many years’ experience serving on oversight boards, engaging government oversight committees and public sector boards of all types.

Martin lives in Victoria by the Sea and is married to Leslie-Ann and has two children.

Martin Ruben is nominated by: Susan Hartley, Jean McCardle, Ann Bevan-Baker, Jordan MacPhee, Jordan Bober

For Fundraising Chair

Jordan Bober

I came to Prince Edward Island two and a half years ago via Vancouver, Europe and Alberta where I grew up, and have been a very active member of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island ever since, having managed both the D21 and D11 by-election campaigns, serving on Provincial Council as Fundraising Chair since November 2016, and now working to get the party ready for the next general election. After completing a Master's degree in Economics in Sweden in 2008, I joined the Green movement upon moving to Vancouver that same year and was active in the federal, provincial and municipal Green parties there, serving in governance, staff, campaign management and other volunteer capacities.

I am re-offering for the position of Fundraising Chair in order to build upon our successes of the past few years and be able to hand off a strong fundraising base and system to my eventual successor. Since taking on this role, the Green Party of PEI's fundraising has increased substantially every year - 2018 saw us bring in more than triple what we raised in 2016, and we have a growing monthly donor base as well. I have applied the power of the party's new database to create much more effective  (and non-annoying) fundraising campaigns and to efficiently and accurately generate tax receipts at the beginning of each year, and have documented every step along the way to ensure that my successors will not have to reinvent the wheel.

My goal over my next term is to primarily ensure that we are financially well-prepared for the next election, whenever it may come, while supporting the development of local candidate and EDA-led fundraising and continuing to grow our monthly donor base to the point that it can fund all core party operations.

Jordan Bober is nominated by: Susan Hartley, Hannah Bell, Lynne Lund, Chris Hartley, Steve Howard

For Western Representative

Glenna Lohnes

Glenna Lohnes was born in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and moved to Prince Edward Island in 1980. Glenna has been the Executive Director of the Kensington and Area Chamber of Commerce and currently works with Junior Achievement PEI and the PEI Department of Education Early Learning and Culture to help prepare students for post-secondary studies. Glenna is on the management board of the Silver Fox Entertainment Complex in Summerside and has held leadership roles with Hospice PEI and other compassionate care services in the community.

Glenna has been involved in both municipal and provincial electoral campaigns in the Summerside area since 2014. She has been drawn to the Green Party because of the frankness and compassion of those she has met there. Glenna believes that government can exist to help all residents equally and that all voices should be heard. 

Glenna Lohnes is nominated by: Lynne Lund, Trish Altass, John Dalton, Mary Swan, Michael Gallant 

For Eastern Representative

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald, originally from Souris, currently lives in Morell. He has three children, and he works as Facility Manager in a Souris-based aquaculture company. He also has his own small business, Diverse Tree Service. Kyle is an active volunteer in his community, including as a member of the Morell Lions Club. His passion for political engagement grew out of his involvement with the "Island Wide Dialysis" committee that successfully advocated against the proposed centralization of kidney dialysis services that would have brought significant hardship to those with kidney disease in many rural parts of the province.

I re-offering for the position of Eastern Representative because I have always been passionate about politics but namely, finding a better, community oriented alternative. I care about a healthy, successful and sustainable future for myself and my children on Prince Edward Island. When I attended last year’s Spring Conference, my eyes and ears were wide open, and it did not disappoint. I had the opportunity to share my ideas, engage in workshops and listen to like minded individual’s opinions. I found comradery in only 2 days.

I have always been destined to a political path, wherever it may take me. I joined a group when it was the Ghiz liberals, trying to centralize rural frontline services, namely the dialysis units in Souris and Alberton. I joined a committee called “Island Wide Dialysis” We brought awareness to this decision, through mediums such as Newspaper, Television and Social Media (Facebook, which was my responsibility). We eventually after almost 2 years, had the issue reversed.

Kyle MacDonald is nominated by: Josh Underhay, Susan Hartley, Lana Chaisson, Hannah Bell, Lynne Lund


For Ombudsperson - Female

Sarah Charette

Over the past year I have had the privileged of serving as the interm female-identified ombudsperson. I welcome the opportunity to continue to serve in this capacity.  

My educational background includes both a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and a Bachelor of Education degree. My psychology degree focused on interpersonal communication and relationships, including course work on diversity, teamwork, and conflict resolution in the workplace, ethics, and active listening. 
I think my approach to viewing conflict as an opportunity for growth and improvement is in line with the party's heart-centered approach in seeking resolution. I strive for consensus over any other outcome, emphasizing a collaborative solution, but recognize that compromise is sometimes necessary. I view each situation as an opportunity for individual growth or the evolution of policy. 
My teaching career has given me ample practice handling situations that require confidentiality. Each day I have the opportunity to work with diverse group of people with an ever changing array of needs. I often have to think on my feet to address concerns and requests presented by my students. In this role, as much as possible, I like to include students in the process of identifying options that could function as potential solutions for their problems. I view myself as a facilitator in these situations, and that's something I'd like to continue to bring to the position of Ombudsperson.   
No nominators are required to be submitted for the Ombudsperson positions.