2019 YGP Elections

Hi Young Greens,

We’re excited to announce the official formation of the Young Greens of PEI (YGP), with Provincial Council recently having approved the YGP Charter!

This means that we will be electing our executive as soon as possible so that we can build on our momentum. As discussed at our charter consultation meetings in Summerside and Charlottetown, all nine executive positions are eligible to be filled by any party member in good standing between the ages of 16 and 30 (inclusive), aside from the pre-voting age membership chair.

Our election is scheduled for July 22nd, and any interested in running for an executive position must email [email protected] no later than June 29th with a headshot and 1 paragraph bio introducing yourself and explaining why you want to hold that executive position. Candidates may then campaign until the election on July 22nd, where all youth members (<=35) of the party in good standing who have been members for at least 30 days will be eligible to vote.

In accordance with section C of our charter, the following positions are available for election:

  • Chair (two-year term)
  • Vice-Chair (one-year term)
  • Communications Chair (two-year term)
  • Policy Chair (one-year term)
  • Youth Membership Chair (two-year term)
  • Pre-Voting Age Membership Chair (one-year term)
  • Events Chair (two-year term)
  • Finance Chair (one-year term)
  • Administrative Chair (two-year term)

For a description of each position’s roles and responsibilities, please follow this link.

We encourage all interested youth to put their names forward, and if anyone has questions or wants to discuss a specific role they’re looking at applying for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Happy campaigning!

Jill MacIntyre,

Electoral Officer,

Young Greens of PEI