2020 Provincial Council and Ombuds Candidates

For Vice President

Susan Hartley

Nominators: Deborah Gross, Ron Patterson, Kathy Saunders, Maria Rodriquez, Mary-Ellen MacMillan, Rebecca McQuaid

Susan has spent a lifetime working as a clinical psychologist, an educator and human rights advocate. She has served in leadership with the Green Party of PEI since 2016, first as the Shadow Critic for Health and Wellness and then as the Vice-President. She has also taken on leadership responsibilities in her profession - as President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia and as a Director for national Psychological organizations - and in community volunteer work, both locally and globally. Through her work and volunteering, Susan has been exposed to a wide range of human experience, and has developed a strong sense of social justice that has led her into activism, humanitarianism and politics. Her experience on governance Boards is broad in range including those in the cultural, sports, not for profit, and professional sectors. In addition to work as a Psychologist Susan works as a consultant, trainer and facilitator in conflict transformation and community building always with a focus on Wellness. She is a Rotary Peace Scholar and a Positive Peace Activator - and would love to share more about these!

Why I am running for the role of Vice-President
This is an office I have held since being elected by the membership in May 2018. Over this time I have been impressed by the growth and success of our Party. With growth and success comes different, and differing, expectations, both external and internal, and with differing expectations comes a need to consistently return and reflect on our Core Values.

In addition to the central tasks of the Vice-President, my contribution so far has been motivated by a desire to keep these values and the relationships within our party at the forefront in the decisions we make as we continue to build a strong, relevant, and representative choice for Islanders. My goals moving forward, in addition to supporting our President and Leadership, are to help our Party be election ready, increase the diversity of our membership and future candidates, and
establish clear communication channels between all of the sectors of our Party.

For Secretary-Treasurer

Maureen Blake

Nominators: Asha Blake, Sarah Caseley, Jordan Bober, Perry Williams, Susan Nicholson Williams

I’m originally from Halifax, NS, and moved around Canada quite a bit as my father was in the Navy. In 2003, I moved to PEI with my children - Lane and Asha - to be closer to my family as my mother is originally an Islander and my parents retired here. I have since been fortunate to have my daughter’s friend Sarah spend a lot of time with our family, and I also refer to her as my daughter.

Since living in PEI, I have worked in bookkeeping, office management and as a reporter/photographer. I have also volunteered as the Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President on a couple of different Boards. I have been involved in politics most of my life. My family and I moved to Clyde River in 2018, and that’s when we became involved with the Provincial Green Party. Asha, Sarah and I worked for Districts 17 & 19 during the Provincial election and helped in the riding of Malpeque during the Federal election. Our family is concerned about climate change and working to do what we can to lessen our footprint. I am excited about working with the Green Party to bring big change to our little part of the world.

For Membership & Volunteering Chair

Amandah Turner

Nominators: Peter Bevan-Baker, Susan Hartley, Jordan Bober, Eddie Childs, Lynne Lund, Sue Whitaker

Amandah Turner is originally from the Charlottetown area but has lived in Mayfield, Prince Edward Island since 2018. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French from Dalhousie University as well as a Diploma in Public Relations and a Certificate in Computer-Based Information Systems from the University of Victoria. She currently works in the Technology industry as a Senior Business Analyst in Charlottetown. Amandah has had an interest in politics from an early age and is passionate about transparency, openness, and equity for all, which ultimately drew her to the provincial Green Party. In her spare time, she enjoys the arts, travelling, lifelong learning, and spending time with her family.

Why I'm running:
I have had the privilege of serving as the interim Membership & Volunteer Chair from the summer of 2019 and would love the opportunity to continue in this position. Last year was a year of learning and I want to take my newfound knowledge to further develop and grow my role. There is so much potential for where we can go
as a membership and I would love to be in a position that can help facilitate that momentum.


For Fundraising Chair

Maria Rodriguez

Nominators: Susan Hartley, Jordan Bober, Mia Hill, Eddie Childs, Phil Ferraro

Maria Rodriguez was born and raised in Venezuela and emigrated to Canada 25 years ago. After living in Quebec and Ontario, she has called PEI home for the past ten years. Maria recently retired after twenty years with the federal public service, where she held a variety of responsibilities, most recently with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada as manager, science policy and partnerships.  She has many years of experience in science-based policy analysis, participatory processes, and partnership development, nationally and internationally, and is a strong advocate for inclusive decision-making processes and the need to create spaces and build capacity for active citizen engagement. Maria holds an agriculture engineering degree from the Central University of Venezuela and a PhD from McGill University, Montreal. She has been active with the Party since 2018 as member of policy-related committees, campaign volunteer during recent elections, and supporting grassroots engagement activities and events.

Why I'm running:
My wish to offer for this position is linked to a long-term interest in participatory processes and citizen engagement. The party has experienced important growth recently, together with fundraising success, and I think that a fundraising strategy that encourages active member participation in activities is important for the long-term sustainability of this success, and for keeping the party's finances in alignment with our core values of living within our means, local self-reliance, active citizenship and self-determination. I think that people who are actively engaged with the party are more likely to donate and, conversely, fundraising activities may be a conduit to promote stronger members' participation. More engaged members would help expand the party base, which would in turn expand the funding base, in a virtuous circle.

I listened with interest, at the last Council meeting, to the report on the recent survey of the membership. I think the results provide some evidence in support of these ideas. Responses suggested that members' are interested in the more active forms of fundraising that involve socializing and spaces to interact. Also, among the the highest member-ranked priorities for party action in the coming year were policy development and electoral associations, two areas directly related to engagement of the grassroots (and the latter, of course, to fundraising). This, to me, shows that members are keen to participate more actively in the life of the party, I am interested in working with other council members and volunteers in looking at creative ways to connect these dots while operating within the framework of rules that govern party fundraising.


For Western Representative

Eddie Childs

Nominators: Laurie Tirone, Bev Cornish, Sandra Hartt,  Alan Bridle,  David Voigt, Lynne Lund, Trish Altass, Randald MacFarlane

Eddie Childs, 23, is a Summerside resident who is committed to growing support for the Green Party of PEI in his home Prince County. Along with serving as the interim Western Representative since September 2019, Eddie has been involved in Green initiatives, campaigns, and community projects for a long time. He stood as a nomination contestant for the Federal Green Party in the 2019 federal election, then went on to be a core part of the successful nominee’s campaign. He
volunteered on the successful campaigns of provincial Green candidates Lynne Lund and Trish Altass. In addition, he was a sitting member of the Summerside Age Friendly cities committee while coordinating volunteers at Harbourfront Theatre. He is proud of his work as a councilor, and has participated in some of the most critical party work that has arisen during his time on council. This includes participating in the review of the party’s nomination process, reviewing bylaws on the
governance committee, and liaising with Regional and Electoral District associations.

Eddie is proud to be nominated by the members of the District 21&23 regional association executive, as well as sitting Green MLAs and other party members.
Eddie is seeking a term as Western Rep to continue to provide the Prince County membership with an active, engaged, and caring voice on provincial council. Eddie takes the responsibility of council seriously, and has been honoured to serve. He now asks for your support, and promises to continue being an active and influential council member for Prince County.


For Central Representative

Margot Maddison-MacFadyen

Nominators: Andrew Lush, Irene Novaczek, Anna Keenan, Natalie MacDonald, Glen Grant

Originally from British Columbia, Margôt Maddison-MacFadyen worked as an English and Math high school teacher for 18 years. She moved to Prince Edward Island in 2009 after five years as Head of English at British West Indies Collegiate in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Upon her return to Canada, Margôt worked as both a sessional instructor and the Coordinator of Accessibility Services at the University of Prince Edward Island. She then enrolled in the Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Interdisciplinary PhD Program, graduating in 2017. Currently, Margôt is employed by Nipissing University, ON, as part-time academic staff. She teaches online from her home on PEI. Margôt is also the recipient of a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship, which allows her to continue with research work. 

While working on her PhD, Margôt filled in as a temporary library technician at the Hunter River Memorial Library. She is a member of the PEI Writers’ Guild and of the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick, once serving as a Board Member of the former. When working as a teacher in British Columbia’s West Kootenay, Margôt was a long-time union representative, holding both the Women’s and Social Justice portfolios. She has also worked as a fundraiser on different projects, most recently on Anna Keenan’s campaign as the Green Party candidate for Malpeque during the 2019 federal election. 

Margôt is concerned about climate change, and this underlines her interest to take a bigger role in the Green Party of Prince Edward Island. She is attracted to the Green Party’s six guiding Core Values. If elected to the position of Central Representative, Margôt plans to help initiate (if necessary), organize, maintain, and grow Electoral District Associations for each of Districts 8 and 15 to 20. With EDAs in place, Margôt believes the Green Party will be strengthened, invigorated, and poised for an even greater success in the next provincial election than what was achieved in 2019.

Margôt lived in Rennies Road (District 18) with her husband Gary MacFadyen for ten years. Last summer, they moved to Hartsville (District 15) and are situated on the Hartsville/North Wiltshire border.


For Charlottetown Representative

Adina Nault

Nominators:  Justin Mackinnon, Emile Gallant, Angela Court, Jordan Bober, Diane Flood

Over the past year, I have started volunteering with the Green Party to support a friend of mine. When I had begun, I had not realized the impact this community would have on my life.
This begun a slow learning process for myself on the importance that politics play in every day life and how to effect positive change.

The Green party holds many of the same values I have and work hard to effect positive change. They engage the youth and take time to listen to their constituents. This is a team I would love to be part of. I believe that if I am accepted into the provincial council, I will have much to learn, and am looking forward to better understand the functions of a political party.


For Eastern Representative

Boyd Leard

Nominators: Gerard Deveau, Mia Hill, Jill Spelliscy, Cynthia King, Greg Bradley, Jeanne Maki, Jordan Bober

Born / Raised / Educated in Souris PEI. Family in business in Souris since 1898. Currently owner of Lea-Mac an Electronics and Marine Supply Store in Souris. Really became "Green" during the "Enersave Years" in the late 70's early 80's. Member of the PEI Green's since 2018. Member of the Canada Green's 2019. Ran as PEI Green Candidate 2019 for District1.  Accepted by Council as Interim Eastern Rep 2019.

We as a party need to work on increasing Rural Green Strength / Voter Awareness and Acceptance. We have to show them that we are NOT traditional Blue / Red Politicians. We are the People's Party.

I would really appreciate the opportunity to continue as Eastern Rep for the PEI Green  Council.  Thank You for your consideration.


For Male Ombudsperson

Kyle MacDonald

Kyle MacDonald, originally from Souris, currently lives in Morell with his three children, where he works as Senior Aquaculture Technologist at a Souris-based aquaculture company. Kyle is an active volunteer in his community, is a proud member of the Morell Lions club, and has been very involved in the Green Party of PEI. Kyle served on the party's Provincial Council as Eastern Rep from 2017-2019, and ran as the Green Party of PEI candidate for District 7 Morell-Donagh during the 2019 provincial election. His passion for political engagement grew out of his involvement with the "Island Wide Dialysis" group that successfully advocated against the proposed centralization of kidney dialysis services that would have brought significant hardship to those with kidney disease in many rural parts of the province.

Kyle says: "I am seeking to serve as Male Ombudsperson for the Green Party of PEI because I believe that my prior involvement in the party on Council, as a candidate and volunteer have given me a good working knowledge of the Party's structure, and I look forward to being able to use both my knowledge and commitment to fairness and justice to help successfully resolve any matters that may come to the attention of the Ombuds & Appeals Committee."


For Female Ombudsperson

Barbara McDowal

Barb is a joyful, curious, heart-centred woman who consciously lives, breathes and walks her core values in every area of her life every day.

She intentionally uses them as her guide in what she thinks, says and does resulting in best decision-making, deeper relationships and no harm done.


Sarah Charette

Over the past two years I have had the privileged of serving as the female-identified ombudsperson for the Green Party of PEI. Through the work I engaged in during that time, my view of the role has evolved beyond that of just conflict resolution and advocacy. While those are essential functions of the position, the ombudsperson is uniquely positioned to provide an independent review of party policy and procedures. It was acting in that capacity that I completed the nomination process review this past year with the intent of strengthening the process and making improvements based on member feedback and experiences. I found interacting with our membership to be a very positive experience and it has reinforced my passion for engaging in work that creates meaningful change.

I believe my educational and professional background provide additional skills that allow me to excel in this role. I have completed both a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, and a Bachelor of Education degree. My psychology degree focused on interpersonal communication and relationships; including course work on diversity, teamwork, and conflict resolution in the workplace, ethics, and active listening. I transitioned from psychology to teaching because I wanted focus on facilitating growth and helping others to self-actualize: I believed I could do this on a larger scale within the field of education. I bring the same perspective to my work within the Green Party - I view myself as a facilitator and each situation as an opportunity for individual growth or the evolution of policy. I view my approach as results based and strength focused while creating space to explore and honor the context and cognitive-emotional factors at play.  I am always asking what can we learn from this experience, what are we already doing well, and how can we do better next time.