2020 YGP Election

It's hard to believe we are already at the end of July, but we hope your summer is going well and you are staying safe in these unprecedented times.

Last July, the Young Greens of PEI held our first election to elect the current Executive team. We are pleased to announce we will be holding this year's election next month.

Although our plans and events have been on hold since March due to COVID-19, over the past year we have held numerous events and have held great discussions with the Green Party of PEI to include the youth voice. We are just getting started and we are eager to see where the next year will take the caucus.

In case you missed it, the Young Greens of PEI (YGP) is an identity-based caucus of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island (GPPEI). Any GPPEI member 35 years old or younger is automatically considered a member of the YGP.

YGP Executive Election

The Executive Election will take place at the end of August (date TBD) and all positions are open for election:

  • Chair 
  • Vice-Chair 
  • Policy Chair
  • Events Chair
  • Finance Chair
  • Membership Chair
  • Pre-Voting Age Membership Chair
  • Administrative Chair

To find out details about the duties of each position, and about the Young Greens of PEI in general, please see the Young Greens Charter or email [email protected] with your specific questions. Nominations will be accepted until August 10th. 

To submit your nomination, please fill out this form

To become a candidate and to vote, you must have an active GPPEI membership. Click here to donate to the YGP to get a GPPEI membership. If you are unsure if you have an active membership, please contact us.


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