Preparing for the AGM

General Tips for a smooth online AGM experience

  1. First, make sure you’ve got your link for joining the Zoom meeting ready to go where you can easily find it on Saturday. You should have received a Zoom registration email yesterday containing your personal link. For your convenience, we will have these confirmation emails re-sent to all registrants on Saturday morning. If you can't find your link, you can always re-register here.
  2. If there are multiple Greens in your household, remember that in order to vote using the online Zoom polls, each member would need to be registered and logged in on a device (computer, tablet or smartphone) to use for voting purposes. So you can still watch the AGM on the same screen if you wish, but the other household member could be logged in on another device with sound and video off just to be able to vote when the polls come up on the screen (there will be lots of them this time!).
  3. If you haven’t used Zoom before on your computer or other device, see further below for some tips about how to prepare yourself to ZOOM!
  4. If there are any amendments you think you'd like to propose to any of the motions, please give the motion author a heads up - they may be willing to accept it as a friendly amendment. Otherwise, please come prepared with your proposed amendment typed up so that it can easily be shared with the meeting. This will save precious time as we have a lot of motions to discuss in a relatively short period of time (and we'll all want to get out of the meeting sooner rather than later to enjoy the sunshine!).

Things to review before the meeting

  1. Green Rules of Order: In case you missed the Motions Workshop on Wednesday, we recorded it here (we start by going over the process, then following this we had a group discussion about the motion "Modernizing the Structure of Provincial Council", which some members wanted to discuss further).

    If you'd rather have a quicker overview of the process, check out this presentation or this flowchart. If on the other hand you want much more detailed information, you'll find the full Green Rules here.
  2. Financial Statements: You may check out the 2020 Financial Statements in advance here.
  3. Minutes of 2020 AGM: Please have a quick look at the 2020 AGM minutes here (we will be formally adopting these minutes at the AGM)


Business Meeting

  1. Welcome - Co-facilitators Susan Hartley and Martin Ruben (1pm)
  2. Green Party of PEI Annual Report
  3. Financial Report
  4. Address from Peter Bevan-Baker
  5. Introduction to Council & Ombuds Committee candidates, and completion of the Election
  6. Membership Survey Results presentation
  7. Council & Ombuds Committee election results announced.

Five minute Body Break (around 2:15pm)

Discussion and voting on Policy Motions (starting around 2:20pm)


  1. PEI Commission on a Sustainable Future for Farming
  2. Protection of Pollinators on Prince Edward Island Including Protection of Honeybees and Bumblebees from Infestation by Small Hive Beetle
  3. Championing Citizens’ Assemblies for deliberative democracy & building civic capacity, especially on the issue of Electoral Reform
  4. Include bicycles and e-bikes (pedal assist bikes) in zero-emission vehicle rebates and financial incentive programs
  5. Provincial Tax Credit for Renters of Long-Term Residential Housing
  6. Review of Junior High School Projection Numbers in Catchment East of Charlottetown
  7. Climate Change Investment Fund

Discussion and voting on Governance Motions

  1. Notice of Vacancy Bylaw 2 (15) amendment
  2. Bylaw 3 (Motions at General Meetings) amendment
  3. Modernizing the Structure of Provincial Council
  4. Bylaw 5 (Shadow Cabinet) amendments

 Scheduled End: 4pm (unless the meeting votes to extend discussion, if needed)


Tips for new Zoomers

  1. When you click on the Zoom participation link, if you have never used Zoom on your device before, it will have you download a small piece of software on your computer, or an app on your mobile device. This does not typically take long. You can try clicking on the link or downloading the Zoom app anytime prior to the meeting to get that part out of the way, or try joining just a few minutes before 1pm on Saturday.
  2. Test out your device’s sound settings to ensure that both your speaker and microphone are working. On a Mac, you can do this under Settings > Sound, and on Windows under Settings > System > Sound. When you join the meeting, you will be automatically muted and your video will be off. You can unmute yourself (for example, to ask a question following a presentation) or turn on your video using the controls in the bottom left-hand corner of your Zoom window (see screenshot below). Especially if your internet bandwidth isn’t super great, we recommend leaving your video off most or all of the time.