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March 31 2023

Protecting the Rights and Safety of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community

Charlottetown, PE - Today Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Green Party of PEI, along with Green candidates Karla Bernard and Charles Sanderson, announced the Green Party’s plan for protecting the rights and safety of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, including further commitments on top of previous platform commitments. Read more...

March 30 2023

King PCs don't care about land and shoreline protection

Charlottetown, PEA Freedom of Information (FOIPP) request on the Point Deroche development has revealed that a stop work order was issued on September 14, 2022. Yet, the project continues, and the order appears to have never been enforced. Read more...

29 mars 2023

Engagements envers la communauté acadienne et francophone

Charlottetown, PE - Aujourd’hui le chef du Parti vert Peter Bevan-Baker et candidate pour le district 9 Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park Adina Nault ont annoncé des engagements pour la communauté acadienne et francophone de L’Île-du-Prince-Édouard. En savoir plus...

March 28 2023

Statement on Protecting the Rights and Safety of the 2SLGBTQIA+ Community

Charlottetown, PE - Last night during the CBC Leaders Debate, party leaders were posed a question about what we would do to protect the rights and safety of members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. None of us on the stage did a good enough job answering that question. Read more...

March 28 2023

Plan for Advancing Reconciliation

Lennox Island, PE - Reconciliation is more than just a word: it’s action leading to restoration. The Mi’kmaq of Epekwitk, as the first and original people of this Island we all call home, must be made full partners in governance. Read more...

March 23 2023

Fully Costed Platform Released

Clyde River, PE - The Green Party released its fully costed 2023 election platform today. The Green Plan outlines a thoughtful, comprehensive plan to improve healthcare, increase housing affordability and options, strengthen the economy by strengthening workers, put more money in the pockets of Islanders, and protect our beautiful, natural environment. Read more...

March 20 2023

Plans for Agriculture, Fisheries and Tourism

One of the hallmarks of Dennis King’s tenure as Premier has been a complete lack of vision for the future of our province. His government has stumbled from one crisis to the next, unable to take proactive steps to build a fairer and more prosperous economy for Islanders. The Green Party believes we need to help our primary sectors adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in. Today we shared our plans for agriculture, fisheries and tourism.  Read more...

March 20 2023

Plan to Regulate the Housing Market

Over the last four years of the Dennis King government, housing has gotten more expensive, supply has not kept up with demand, and little has been done to improve the regulatory environment for developers and those seeking shelter.  Government can improve the regulatory environment to build more housing, while also taking steps to reduce and prevent the financialization of a basic human need. Our plan provides concrete actions to regulate the housing market and protect housing rights.  Read more...

March 20 2023 Statement on UPEI Faculty Association Strike

After months of negotiations with the UPEI administration, the UPEI Faculty Association began strike action this morning. The Green Party of PEI believes all workers deserve the best possible working conditions, and we express solidarity with the workers on the picket line. Read more...

March 18 2023

Plan to Give Islanders a Greater Say

The Green Party believes that a healthy democracy is one where more people are able to participate and people feel their legislature is reflective of themselves and their values. But a healthy democracy does not happen on its own—it requires an active commitment from our elected officials.

We're committed to electoral reform, including citizen's assemblies, proportional representation, and lowering the voting age.  Read more...

March 17 2023

Plan for Respecting Seniors

The Dennis King Government has continually shown its lack of concern for the wellbeing of seniors. Whether it has been their failures to keep them protected in the aftermath of Fiona, their failure to meaningfully invest in pharmacare, or their failure to protect seniors from illegal rent increases, it is clear that Island seniors deserve better.

The Green Party recognizes that all seniors deserve to live in dignity and, to improve the lives of seniors, a Green Government will take immediate action. Read more...

March 16 2023

Statement on Mistreatment of Island Nurses

Island nurses have been without a contract for two years, and now Dennis King has again delayed negotiations on a new contract. During that time, nurses have stepped up time and again to fill the gaps in our crumbling healthcare system. 

No one but Dennis King decided Islanders should go to the polls a full seven months before the fixed election date.  Now Island nurses are left without a contract while the Premier stumps on the campaign trail about how he would be good for healthcare workers. Health PEI says because of the election, the earliest a contract can be negotiated will be sometime in June. Read more...

March 16 2023

Plan for Making Long-term Investments in Public Healthcare

Crapaud, PEHealthcare must be accessible to everyone and it must be responsive to the needs of Islanders. While the PCs and the Liberals are signaling they are prepared to sell healthcare to the highest bidder, the Greens are committed to defending and building up our public healthcare system. 

Private healthcare, where profit takes precedence over people, is a road we will not go down. Read more...

March 15 2023

Plan for Free Contraceptive Care

Bonshaw, PE - Cost should never be a barrier to healthcare. That’s why a Green government will provide Islanders with free access to birth control, including oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices. Read more...

March 15 2023

Plan for Best K-12 Education

Bonshaw, PE - Islanders believe children should have access to a high quality education, and the Green Party agrees. Educators need the right resources and supports to help their students achieve the best possible educational and social outcomes. We also need to ensure our schools are healthy and safe spaces for Island children. Read more...

March 14 2023

Plan for Sustainable Land Use Planning Island-Wide and for Protecting our Shorelines

Charlottetown, PE - Over the past four years, the Dennis King Conservatives have made nearly zero progress on improving land use planning on PEI. 

Their deeply flawed approach to land use planning has not improved our housing crisis. It has led to acres and acres of farmland being pulled from production. It has led to widespread clear-cutting of Island forests. It has also allowed wealthy non-residents to flout the rules and damage our beautiful coastlines. 

The Green Party recognizes the importance of sustainable land use planning in supporting our housing goals, protecting our agriculture industry, protecting Island forests, and protecting our shorelines.   Read more...

March 13 2023

Plan for Valuing Healthcare Workers and Promoting Health and Wellness of Islanders

Charlottetown, PE - Healthcare workers are the backbone of our healthcare system. Healthcare workers at every level are telling us that our system is collapsing and are begging for systemic change. This crisis in healthcare is a result of years of poor planning and inaction from successive Liberal and PC governments. 

Part of the systemic change that is needed is a stronger focus on improving the health and wellness of Islanders generally. By making early, upstream investments in health, our province can not only reduce the strain on our healthcare system in a fiscally responsible way but will more importantly improve outcomes and help Islanders live happier and healthier lives.    Read more...

March 10 2023

Plan to Address Affordability and Poverty

Charlottetown, PE - Over the past two years, Prince Edward Island has had the highest rate of inflation of any Canadian province. More than ever, Islanders are struggling to make ends meet. While inflation is a global phenomenon, the provincial government still has a responsibility to help Islanders live with security and dignity, something the Dennis King Conservatives have failed to do. The Green Party has been a tireless advocate for low- and middle-income and is making a real difference in the lives of ordinary Islanders.   Read more...

March 9 2023

Plan to Address Labour Shortages and Enhance Post-Secondary and Skills Training

Charlottetown, PE - Workers are the backbone of our economy. Labour shortages are limiting PEI’s economic potential, and are making it harder for Islanders to access important services like healthcare, housing, and maintenance services. This is impacting the quality of life of Islanders.

We have a generation of thoughtful Islanders ready to help us address the leading challenges facing our province, but they need our help.  Read more...

March 9 2023

Plans to Restore the Strong Public Role in Housing and to Protect Housing Rights

After four years of a Dennis King government, Islanders are concerned about the state of the housing market. Since King took office, the cost of shelter on PEI has increased 25% and the vacancy rate for apartments has dropped to 0.8%.
The King government dragged its feet, but a Green Government will act decisively and act now to make a difference for Islanders. Today, Green leader Peter Bevan-Baker announced a plan to restore the strong public role in housing and protect housing rights.

March 8 2023

Plan to Get Healthcare out of Crisis

Charlottetown, PE - After four years of a Dennis King government, Islanders don't feel good about their healthcare system. The number of Islanders on the patient registry has doubled. Frontline healthcare workers are demoralized by understaffing and their working conditions. Today, Green leader Peter Bevan-Baker announced a plan to get healthcare out of crisis.   Read more...