Peter Bevan-Baker Announces Plans for Valuing Healthcare Workers and Promoting the Health and Wellness of Islanders


March 13, 2023

Charlottetown, PE - Healthcare workers are the backbone of our healthcare system. Healthcare workers at every level are telling us that our system is collapsing and are begging for systemic change. This crisis in healthcare is a result of years of poor planning and inaction from successive Liberal and PC governments.

The Green Party is committed to valuing and respecting healthcare workers by making sure they have good working conditions and a good quality of life.

Part of the systemic change that is needed is a stronger focus on improving the health and wellness of Islanders generally. By making early, upstream investments in health, our province can not only reduce the strain on our healthcare system in a fiscally responsible way but will more importantly improve outcomes and help Islanders live happier and healthier lives.

A Green Government will finally show healthcare workers the respect they deserve. We will:

● Immediately invest $37 million directly into wage increases and benefits for frontline healthcare staff at Health PEI. This includes all levels of nursing, medical lab technologists, radiation technologists, porters, cleaning staff, and all others who work on the frontline of patient care.

● Make sure that healthcare workers can take their vacation.

● Support existing healthcare workers to increase their skills and certifications: 

○ Create a LPN to RN bridging program.

○ Cover expenses for English language tests.

A Green Government will do more to help Islanders stay healthy. We will:

● Increase funding for the Chief Public Health Office to deliver more public health initiatives. For example:

○ Expand vaccine clinics in schools and improve health education in the K-12 curriculum.

○ Enhance immunization programs to prevent vaccine-preventable disease and reduce vaccine hesitancy.

○ Promote improved ventilation on Prince Edward Island.

○ Pursue initiatives to reduce substance abuse in PEI.

○ Review our COVID-19 pandemic response and update our pandemic plan to ensure we are prepared for future pandemics.

● Provide free or low-cost access to fitness activities and artistic, cultural, and social activities for Islanders.

● Expand active transportation and trail infrastructure, especially within municipalities.

This announcement complements the plan previously announced to get healthcare out of crisis. A further announcement on Making Long-term Investments in Public Healthcare will be made in the coming days.


“By making early, upstream investments to help Islanders stay healthy, our province will not only reduce the strain on our healthcare system but will also help Islanders live happier and healthier lives. Reducing chronic illness and the spread of disease also helps keep our healthcare workers healthier and safer, and our healthcare system functioning smoothly. We saw all too well through the pandemic how COVID outbreaks among healthcare workers can cripple our healthcare system.”

Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Green Party of PEI

“This crisis in healthcare is a result of years of poor planning and inaction from successive Liberal and PC governments. And things have only gotten worse under Dennis King’s dysfunctional leadership. Dennis King does not listen to healthcare workers. But Greens listen, and healthcare workers are telling us loud and clear: We need change, and we need it now.”

Michele Beaton, Green Candidate for District 5, Mermaid-Stratford

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