Dennis King PCs are either incompetent or simply don’t care about land and shoreline protection

Charlottetown, PE - A Freedom of Information (FOIPP) request on the Point Deroche development has revealed that a stop work order was issued on September 14, 2022. Yet, the project continues, and the order appears to have never been enforced.

“This revelation demonstrates what many Islanders have suspected about the King Tories when it comes to protecting our land and shorelines,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Green Party of PEI. “Dennis King and his PC Party has repeatedly shown that they are either incompetent or simply do not care about our land and shorelines.”

When it comes to land and shoreline protection, there is a disturbing trend of inaction and incompetence from Dennis King.

Under the leadership of Dennis King, the Brendel Farms fiasco was brought to light and his PC Party refused to exercise leadership and their authority as government to bring to light the abuses of the Lands Protection Act.

Under the PCs the loss to our farmland is a staggering 39 acres a day!

Under the watch of Dennis King, development was allowed to take place in buffer zones along the West River without a permit.

Now, despite calls from the Greens for Dennis King to do the right thing as Premier and to enforce the laws of our province, he has chosen to ignore the situation and allow it to proceed unopposed.

“Under a Green government, the monstrosity at Point Deroche would never have been allowed to be built,” said Bevan-Baker. “A Green government will not sit by unwilling to do the right thing. A Green government will enforce the stop work order. And we will give teeth to our laws and regulations to make sure future violators must pay to fix the damage they cause.”

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