We are proud to announce that this year's Reconnection Day will feature three exciting workshops led by our amazing members. Join us for an enriching experience and expand your knowledge in the following areas:

  1. Workshop: EDA and RA's

    • Facilitator: Jordan Bober (Former GPPEI Executive Director)
  2. Workshop: Policy 101

    • Facilitator: Michele Beaton
  3. Workshop: Governance 101

    • Facilitator: Maria Rodriguez

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Reimaging District Associations 

Green Party members have long recognized the importance of grassroots organizing at the local level through District Associations (or Regional Associations). In practice, however, District Associations have been slow to form in most parts of the province, and many that have been formed have oftentimes struggled to engage local party members, grow the party locally, and organize for elections.

Is it time to reimagine District Associations? In this workshop, former GPPEI Executive Director, Jordan Bober, will facilitate a discussion to attempt to identify:
  • What are the purposes of district or regional associations?
  • How can the party encourage, facilitate and support the formation of local grassroots Green Party associations?
  • What is essential in order for district associations to fulfill their purposes?
The hoped-for outcome of this workshop will be a set of ideas and principles that can be further developed as a new party strategy to grow successful district associations throughout PEI.

Policy 101

Presented by Michele Beaton, this workshop focuses on creating impactful policy briefs that effectively address issues and concerns within the political landscape. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical knowledge in the following areas:

1. Issue Identification and Background:

  • Learn to identify key issues or concerns and provide a concise background for effective context.
  • Recommendations and Solutions:
  • Formulate clear and actionable recommendations to address the identified issues or concerns.
  • Political Considerations:
  • Explore the political landscape and understand the factors that influence policy outcomes and decision-making processes.

2. Engaging with MLAs:

  • Discover strategies for requesting meetings with Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) and gain insights into engaging with relevant stakeholders.
3. Legislative Tools:

  • Understand the various legislative tools available to MLAs and learn how to choose the most appropriate approach to bring forward policy issues. This includes facilitating meetings or communication with Ministers, utilizing petitions, participating in Question Period (QP), proposing motions or bills, and integrating policy considerations into budget submissions.

3. Time Expectations:

  • Gain an understanding of the different timelines associated with specific issues and legislative tools. Explore the research, policy development, and stakeholder engagement processes that impact the overall timeline for achieving policy objectives.

Join us for this informative workshop on policy briefs led by Michele Beaton. Expand your knowledge and enhance your ability to address critical issues in the political arena.

Introduction to the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws

Presented by Maria Rodriguez, this workshop titled "How the Green Party Makes Decisions: Introduction to the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws" offers an insightful exploration of the foundational documents that govern the Green Party of PEI (GPPEI).

Governance is at the core of decision-making within any organization. In this interactive workshop, we will delve into the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws, which serve as the guiding framework for how our party is governed. These documents are meticulously crafted to align with our values and provide a roadmap for conducting business in a participatory, transparent, and inclusive manner.

Join us as we embark on a journey to uncover:

1. Understanding the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws:
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the purpose, structure, and essential provisions outlined in the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws.
2. Decision-Making Processes:
  • Explore the various mechanisms through which decisions are made within the Green Party and familiarize yourself with the roles and responsibilities of different stakeholders in shaping party decisions.
3. Empowering Members:
  • Recognize the significant influence you possess as a Green Party member to actively participate in and shape the decisions of our party. Discover avenues for engagement and make your voice heard.
Under Maria Rodriguez's guidance, this workshop will empower you with a thorough understanding of the GPPEI Constitution and Bylaws and how they underpin our party's decision-making processes. You will gain invaluable insights into your role as a member and the power you hold in shaping the future of the Green Party.