It's time to get Big Money out of PEI politics

Did you know that PEI is one of the only provinces, along with Newfoundland and Saskatchewan, that continues to allow unlimited corporate and union donations to political parties and candidates? 

In the PEI Legislature, Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker is calling on Premier Wade MacLauchlan to keep commitments he made as early as 2015 to clean up political finance laws on PEI. But after first watering down and then backtracking completely on promises to reform campaign finance rules, this no longer appears to be a conversation the Premier wants to be having.

Is that because the Liberal Party raised more than $229,000 from corporations in 2016 alone, and $528,000 in 2015? 

Healthy political parties don't need to depend on corporate and union donations to thrive. The Green Party of PEI has refused such donations since our inception, because we believe people, not corporations, should be the prime actors in a democracy.

Let the Premier know: Islanders want Big Money out of PEI Politics!

It's time - we want Big Money out of PEI politics!

I support Peter Bevan-Baker's Motion 41 to get big money out of PEI politics by banning corporate and union donations and imposing strict limits on individual contributions before the next election.

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