MEDIA RELEASE: Anticipating possible early election, PEI Green Party calls for potential candidates

Peter_Bevan-Baker_for_FB.pngCHARLOTTETOWN - Today, PEI Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker put out an Island-wide call for potential Green candidates to make themselves known as the party prepares for the possibility of an early general election.

“Many Islanders are aware that politics is in an exciting, changeable state right now. With many signs beginning to point to an early general election call, the Green Party of Prince Edward Island is taking steps to prepare,” wrote Bevan-Baker in an email broadcast to Green Party followers earlier today.

Bevan-Baker says that while he has been approached by potential candidates “almost daily”, particularly since the election of Hannah Bell in the November by-election in Charlottetown-Parkdale, he feels that the time has come to cue community leaders who may have been silently contemplating a future as a Green MLA to begin having conversations with the party’s Candidate Search Committee, which includes Bevan-Baker as well as MLA Hannah Bell and deputy leader Lynne Lund.

“We are already assembling an incredible field of high-quality potential nominees who believe as passionately as Peter, Hannah and I do that politics can be done differently on Prince Edward Island, and who would make wonderful MLAs for their communities if elected,” said deputy leader Lund. “If you have been wanting to join an amazing team and help make history and a real difference for PEI, this is the moment you have been waiting for.”

Bevan-Baker says that while the party has not yet officially kicked off its nomination process, he expects nominations to start opening “very soon”.