Your Green Candidates

The following people were Green Party candidates in the April 23rd provincial general election.

Please note that these nominations are based on the new district boundaries: if you're not sure which new district you live in, you can find out by entering your address in the PEI Civic Address Locator.

Peter Bevan-Baker - Party Leader *RE-ELECTED*

District 17 - New Haven-Rocky Point

Peter Bevan-Baker Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Boyd Leard

District 1 - Souris-Elmira

Boyd Leard Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Susan Hartley

District 2 - Georgetown-Pownal

Susan Hartley Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png

John Allen MacLean

District 3 - Montague-Kilmuir


Jim Sanders

District 4 - Belfast-Murray River


Michele Beaton *ELECTED*

District 5 - Mermaid-Stratford



Devon Strang

District 6 - Stratford-Keppoch


Kyle MacDonald

District 7 - Morell-Donagh


Sarah Donald

District 8 - Stanhope-Marshfield


Josh Underhay

District 9 - Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park

Josh Underhay Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png

Amanda Morrison

District 10 - Charlottetown-Winsloe


Hannah Bell *RE-ELECTED*

District 11 - Charlottetown-Belvedere

Hannah Bell Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Karla Bernard *ELECTED*

District 12 - Charlottetown-Victoria Park

Karla Bernard Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Ole Hammarlund *ELECTED*

District 13 - Charlottetown-Brighton

Ole Hammarlund Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Gavin Hall

District 14 - Charlottetown-West Royalty



Greg Bradley

District 15 - Brackley-Hunter River

Greg Bradley Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Ellen Jones

District 16 - Cornwall-Meadowbank

Ellen190_cropped_copy.jpg Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Colin Jeffrey

District 18 - Rustico-Emerald

Colin_JEFFREY_Green_210319_0029_(2).jpg Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Matthew MacFarlane

District 19 - Borden-Kinkora

Matthew MacFarlane Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png

Matthew J MacKay

District 20 - Kensington-Malpeque

Matthew_MACKAY_touched_up_copy.jpg Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Lynne Lund *ELECTED*

District 21 - Summerside-Wilmot

Lynne Lund Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Steve Howard *ELECTED*

District 22 - Summerside-South Drive

Steve Howard Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Trish Altass *ELECTED*

District 23 - Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke

Triss Altass Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Nick Arsenault

District 24 - Évangeline-Miscouche

Nick Arsenault Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png


Jason Charette

District 25 - O'Leary-Inverness

Jason Charette




James McKenna

District 26 - Alberton-Bloomfield



Sean Doyle

District 27 - Tignish-Palmer Road

Sean_Doyle_high_res_copy.jpg Arrow_button_click_for_info_and_support.png