Charlottetown nomination meeting (Districts 6, 9, 11, 12 & 13)

Please join us as we nominate Green Party candidates in five districts:

D6 - Stratford-Keppoch

D9 - Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park

D11 - Charlottetown-Belvedere

D12 - Charlottetown-Victoria Park

D13 - Charlottetown-Brighton

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Please see below for information on approved nomination contestants for each district.

We hope you can join us to lend your support to our Green candidates! All are welcome.

All members province-wide are eligible to vote in these nominations, with the exception of District 12 which has its own Electoral District Association; therefore, only members who reside in District 12 are eligible to vote for the candidate there. You may vote in person at the nomination meeting, and if you are unable to attend in person you may request an online ballot before August 15, 2018 at 5pm, or appoint another member in good standing to act as your proxy (please notify us by writing to [email protected] if you choose to appoint a proxy).

The following nomination contestants have come forward and been found to be qualified to seek the nomination to run as Green Party candidates by Provincial Council:

For District 6 - Stratford-Keppoch

Josh Weale

Josh Weale lives in Stratford PEI with his wife Nara and his son Kai. He studied English literature at UPEI and went on to do a graduate degree in Communications and Culture at York University. He has worked for over 10 years in public relations research and currently tele-works with Cormex Research, a Toronto-based media analysis firm out of his home in Keppoch. He’s worked with a variety of public agencies, corporations, and NGOs, with clients focused on the tourism industry, higher-education, and innovation and investment sectors.

Over the years, Josh has also been actively involved in the theatre community on PEI, appearing in several Victoria Playhouse productions, and at the Guild as a performer in Annekenstein and Friends, 1864: The Tall Hat Chronicles, and as a founding member of Sketch 22. He has served as PEI arts council representative, and  on the Charlottetown Arts and Culture Task force, and has helped to publish his family’s Red Magazine.  He is currently serving as the Green Party’s Culture critic, but would love to talk to you on any topic from backyard eggs to basic income guarantee, or proportional representation to rural revitalization. He looks forward to knocking on your door.


For District 9 - Charlottetown-Hillsborough Park

Josh Underhay

Josh Underhay is a teacher at Birchwood Intermediate School in Charlottetown PEI. For over twelve years he has taught in PEI’s English and French school boards, in the United Kingdom, in the Czech Republic, and in China. His perspectives on education have been gained from his Bachelor of Music Education from UPEI (2006) and working with three to sixteen-year-olds in a variety of curricula. In addition to teaching French Immersion Language Arts and Social Studies, he volunteers his time to direct the school’s Glee Club and co-direct the Jazz Band.

A strong supporter of culture and the arts, Josh has played trumpet for over twenty years and has performed with many artists and ensembles. In 2016 he performed at the ECMAs with the Count and the Cuban Cocktail and has been featured as a guest at the Winterjazz series at the Pourhouse and at the Saturday Blues Matinee. He currently plays with The Sidewalks.

Josh has a keen interest in languages and speaks English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Czech. His studies of languages throughout his travels have informed his perspective both culturally and as a language teacher. He has chosen to speak French to his children to give them the gift of bilingualism.

Josh cares deeply about the long-term well-being of his community and the world. Recently, he has been successful in lobbying for cycling and mixed-use infrastructure in the greater Charlottetown region. He has worked across party lines and with representatives of all three levels of government to promote active transportation as an alternative to the automobile. He cycles to work year-round and bikes his two boys to daycare and school in the spring and fall.

Josh has been active in his community to support progressive causes and fight injustice. He has recently served on Provincial Council of the Green Party of PEI as the representative for Queens County and for Charlottetown. He volunteered on Hannah Bell’s winning campaign in the November 2017 byelection. He has written letters in English and French and published videos in Mandarin to promote Proportional Representation in PEI’s 2016 plebiscite. He has stood up and protested injustice and racism at numerous rallies and works to promote diversity in his community, in the Green Party, with his students, and with his own children. Josh makes his home in East Royalty with his wife Karri and their two children.

Candidate statement

"If I am elected, I will dedicate myself to serving Islanders. I will listen, I will follow the evidence, and balance the freedom of the individual with the need to work as a community and care for one another. I will oppose corruption and seek to free politics from the undue influence of the powerful. I will combat climate change and environmental degradation. I will engage with others respectfully and work within and across party lines to improve the well-being of all Islanders. I will stand up for the rights of women, of Indigenous Canadians, and Canadians of colour. I will work for a diverse and tolerant society that respects the dignity of the person and the rights of everyone."

For District 11 - Charlottetown-Belvedere

Hannah Bell

Hannah Bell was elected as the MLA for District 11: Charlottetown-Parkdale in a by-election on November 27, 2017, making history by joining leader Peter Bevan-Baker to form PEI’s first ever multi-member third party caucus. In the Legislature, Hannah Bell has been serving as House Leader for the Green caucus. She also serves as the Green Party’s Shadow Critic for Finance.

Hannah Bell holds an MBA in Innovative Management from UPEI, and has 30 years of varied experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors in Canada and the UK. Prior to being elected, she served as Executive Director of the PEI Business Women's Association for 5 years and operated her own consultancy firm, The Solution Agency. Her work has focussed on building capacity and influencing change through the power of storytelling, practical training and skills development, strategic planning and partnerships, and sustainable project design.

Hannah Bell is a community leader locally and nationally, including representing the province as governor with National Trust Canada and as champion for Startup Charlottetown, part of the Startup Canada entrepreneurs network.

Hannah lives in Parkdale with her daughter Ava and her mother Judith.

For District 12 - Charlottetown-Victoria Park

Karla Bernard

Karla was born and raised in Sherbrooke, P.E.I.  She graduated from Holland College with a Certificate in Business Administration in 1997, and then from U.P.E.I. with her Bachelor of Education degree in 2005 (focus on Indigenous Studies, French and history). In May 2015, Karla graduated with her Masters in Education in Counselling from Acadia University. She resides in Charlottetown (District 12) with her partner Ryan and 2 young children.

Beginning her tenure with the Public Schools Branch in 2005, Karla has held roles as both counsellor and teacher (classroom, resource and behavioural resource) at several grade levels and subjects. She has had ongoing involvement on various school and community committees and groups promoting healthy, safe spaces and advocating for mental health services and education. As a teacher, counsellor and parent she is passionate about helping create happy, resilient, problem-solving and critical-thinking citizens.  Karla’s love of the arts and theatre has been a constant in her life, leading her to being involved in the community and school.She enjoys volunteering her time in supporting various local artists to provide safe spaces at art and music events.  She is a Canadian Certified Counsellor and a member of the Prince Edward Island Counselling Association (PEICA). In June 2015, she had the opportunity to represent Prince Edward Island in the creation of the Mental Health Action Plan for Canada.  Bernard is a motivated, professional, lifelong learner, and active community member with a passion for addressing the social determinants of health, sustainability and building community.

For District 13 - Charlottetown-Brighton

Ole Hammarlund

Ole Hammarlund, architect, came to PEI in 1974 to design and construct the Ark, a bioshelter that was opened in 1976 by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Since then he has designed many new and renovated buildings, often demonstrating the latest in sustainable design and technology. In 1977 Ole met Karen Lips, a landscape architect, and they have been together ever since and have a son Leif 29 years old.

Past architectural projects include the following, many with wife Karen on the team: The Coles Building, The Main Building at UPEI, the Charlottetown Rural, Prince County Hospital, the Atlantic Tech Center, Brudenell Expansion Phase 1, Princely, Kings Square and Hensley Green Co-ops, Charlottetown Farmers Market, Duffy Building UPEI, The Irving Chemistry Center UPEI, The PEI Advanced House, The Conserver Houses, the Jane Canfield Building (LEED Coordinator) and the Y Lofts and numerous seniors housing and nursing home projects. In 2013 Ole became a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.

Ole was born near Copenhagen, Denmark. He studied architecture at the Royal Academy there and moved to Boston to finish his architectural degree at MIT. The Ark Bioshelter on PEI was his first major project.

Ole and Karen are frequent hosts to cultural and political events at their Y Loft at the old YMCA, one of their more recent projects. Ole Hammarlund is also familiar to many Islanders as a frequent writer on political and environmental issues.


Kali Simmonds

As a Naturopathic Doctor, small business owner, TV Co-host, mother of 6 children and a proud member of this community for 14 years I would be honoured to represent the Green Party for District 13 and in the PEI Legislative Assembly if I were to be successful. I attended French Immersion at the Colonel Gray family of schools. I graduated from UPEI in 1994 with a Science degree and then pursued the 4 year post graduate naturopathic medical program in Toronto. After practicing for a year in a multidisciplinary medical clinic in Toronto I knew that I wanted to bring home to PEI what I had learned and raise a family here.In 1999 I came home and opened my private practice which now has 4000 patients and purchased The Root Cellar which is a thriving natural health products business and employs 8 people. I also enjoy my public service role of co-host of Eastlink’s ‘Au Natural’ going into its’ 11th season. ‘Au Natural’ has naturally encompassed many Green values such as collaboration and advocating for patient focused care and informed decision making for health care choices. Concern for the sustainability, as well as health and environmental concerns around conventional farming practices and the use of genetically modified organisms and opposing cosmetic pesticides have all been popular topics. Peter Bevan-Baker and Sharon Labchuk have been guests on the show.

I do not wish to be part of a collective regret years from now wishing we had done more to protect our environment, given our children better educations, reduce poverty, and improve our health so that more people may experience a better quality of life. My experience allows me to contribute in many ways towards creating a better future for Islanders and protecting this beautiful island we call home.

My expertise is health and I am busting with ideas of how we can improve the health of Islanders while reducing health care costs and having a positive ripple effect on every sector. Health care is our single biggest expenditure and rising by the second so we need more health professionals in the Legislative Assembly.

We need more collaboration among decision makers who possess expertise and/or wisdom to create a long term plan! We need to look at how all of the sectors influence each other just like a microcosm of our environment or a macrocosm of the human body where all the systems need to work synergistically to maintain optimal function. I know the Greens intend to apply the same thoughtfulness, understanding and respect as they have for the environment to every department of government and I believe the public is ready to give the Greens the chance to govern!


August 22, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Murphy's Community Centre
200 Richmond St
Charlottetown, PE C1A 1J2
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