COVIDIY Skill Share

Welcome to COVIDIY, a new skill-sharing series launched by the Green Party of PEI in which Islanders share useful skills for coping with and adapting to life during the pandemic.

Do you have a skill you'd be willing to share with other Islanders? Please contact us at [email protected]!


Episode One: Homemade masks with Sue Whitaker

In this episode, originally aired live on April 9, 2020, Sue Whitaker demonstrates a few different non-medical face mask varieties she has been producing at home - mostly using recycled materials such as old cotton shirts. For those without a sewing machine, Sue also demonstrates a quick non-sew mask that can be made using super-absorbent, non-weave shop paper, which she also uses to add additional filtering to her cloth masks.

Canadian public health officials are now endorsing non-medical masks as a measure that can help reduce the spread of the virus, especially when worn by people who have or may have the SARS-Cov2 virus. They may also offer some - though not perfect - protection against inhalation of the virus, but should not be seen as a substitute for physical distancing and hand-washing. 


Here are additional links provided by Sue:

Here is the link to the YouTube video of the main mask that she demonstrated - the fitted mask:
Here is the link to the pattern for the fitted mask:
This is the link to the YouTube video for the mask Sue tried but is not making - the pleated mask:
Here is the link to the shop towel face mask video:
AND here's a really cool video someone sent in showing how to make a mask with nothing but a sock, napkin and pair of scissors!


Episode two: Growing your own microgreens

Microgreens have been growing in popularity as a delicious and nutritious way to add greens to our daily diet. As more and more people look to grow at least part of their own food supply and learn new skills during the COVID-19 pandemic, not everyone has access to a garden plot - but ANYONE can grow their own microgreens right in their own kitchen!

Eddie Childs has been experimenting with growing microgreens at home and will share how you can do so, too! And, Sue Whitaker returns to provide a quick demonstration of how to easily sprout seeds inside a glass jar and have a jarful of delicious microgreens to eat within mere days. This webinar even touches on some ideas about "re-growing" vegetables - yes you heard right!

Here are some additional resources for those who'd like to get started: - this is the local PEI business where Eddie Childs buys his microgrowing kits, including seeds, trays and hemp mats. - this is where Sue Whitaker orders her jar-sprouting seeds. - is another source of seeds for sprouting.

And here are a couple of interesting articles about regrowing vegetables (the second one in French, but with lots of photos so still worth looking at even if you don't understand French)