Open Data

You told us that Islanders want government to operate with genuine openness and transparency

The following files are available for those who want the "raw data" about the Green Party candidates and our platform. You might want data for loading into a spreadsheet, for example. Or to double-check the spelling of all candidate names.

Platform Costing Summary

An Excel file that you can load into any spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice) to explore the Green Party Platform Costing Summary.

List of Green Party candidates and web pages

A CSV file listing each of the 27 Green Party candidates, their electoral district, and their campaign website address.

Green Party Contacts

A vCard file that you can load into the contacts or address book application on your computer of phone for quick access to contacts for the Green Party campaign.

RSS Feed of Green Party News

A machine-readable form of news from the Green Party campaign.