December Green Party news: Happy Holidays!

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District 13 Green nominee Ole Hammarlund brought people together to learn how to make traditional Danish Christmas heart baskets.

Happy Holidays! We're sure things have been busy for you, and hopefully mostly with pleasant things like holiday parties. Greens have certainly been buzzing with activity - especially our tireless nominees and MLAs - and are looking forward to a bit of downtime this Christmas to recharge our batteries (with renewable energy!) in anticipation of an epic 2019 which could include an epic provincial election, according to political observers.

We'll be holding our 2019 Annual General Meeting at the beginning of February to set the stage for the rest of the year, and we hope you will make it your new year's resolution to develop new leadership skills and be a part of something both fun and important by stepping forward to run for one of the open Provincial Council positions, or even by seeking the nomination to become a candidate in your district!

Please read on to find out what else has been happening and how you can help make 2019 our year - the year of Real Change.

In the meantime, we wish you a lovely finale to the year 2018!

In this newsletter:

  • 2019 General Meeting and Elections
  • Only two weeks left for 2018 donations & tax credits!
  • Upcoming events
  • Highlights (and lowlights) of the 2019 Fall Sitting
  • From the Blogs
  • Seeking policy research volunteers!
  • Greens on Instagram



SAVE THE DATE! We are planning our 2019 Annual General Meeting for February 2nd, 2019 (time, location and other information will be sent to members at least 30 days prior to this date).

Members are reminded that the deadline for submission of motions or to nominate for one of the Provincial Council or other positions up for election is December 29, 2018.

Elections will commence 30 days prior to the General Meeting and will culminate at the meeting on February 2nd. The following positions will be elected this year:


  • President (2-year term)
  • Fundraising Chair (2-year term)
  • Central Representative (2-year term)
  • Eastern Representative (2-year term)
  • Membership & Volunteering Chair (1-year term; currently occupied by interim appointment)
  • Western Representative (1-year term)
  • Charlottetown Representative (1-year term; currently occupied by interim appointment)



  • Male Ombudsperson (2 year term; currently occupied by interim appointment)
  • Female Ombudsperson (1-year term; currently occupied by interim appointment)

We hope that you will consider taking a more active role in the party by stepping forward for one of these important positions! 

Members can find more information about how to nominate for the elections in the Members' Area of our website, found at (note that a current, valid membership is required to access this webpage), or email [email protected]

If you are not yet a member of the Green Party of PEI, you can join at by January 3, 2019 to be eligible to vote at the next AGM.



The Green Party of PEI has a tremendous opportunity in 2019 - with elections expected to take place next spring and the Greens leading in the polls for most of 2018, anything is possible with your support. Help make 2019 our year by making a year-end gift to the Green Party of PEI Election Fund today!

December 31st is the last day to make a contribution that will earn 2018 tax credits worth as much as 75% of your contribution amount on the first $100. You can earn up to $500 in provincial tax credits from political contributions this year.

For example, if you donate $26 this year, you are eligible for $19.50 back on your provincial taxes! If you donate $100, you're eligible for a $75 tax credit.

You can check how much you've donated so far in 2018 on our website at .



Green Drinks Charlottetown - Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Join us for our monthly Charlottetown Green Drinks - an informal gathering where all those Green and Green-curious are invited to connect and get to know one another while enjoying the café. This time we'll meet up in the cosily decorated bar1911.

Find this event on our website:

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Green Drinks Summerside - Thursday, January 10, 2018

Green Drinks is a monthly informal gathering hosted by local members of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island. Always a good time, this is a great place to get to know Green Party leaders and supporters in a casual setting, and connect with others who are passionate about Prince Edward Island's future. Come say hello!

Find this event on our website:


The government brought the fall sitting of the Legislature to a close on December 5th - more than two weeks earlier than the marathon Fall 2017 sitting.

Some highlights of the fall sitting include:

  • Passage of the first Green private member's bill, the Act to Amend the Innovation PEI Act brought forward by Hannah Bell. This bill added the creative, cultural and clean tech sectors to Innovation PEI's mandate as strategic economic sectors, making these industries eligible for valuable services and financial supports.
  • Unanimous approval of a Green motion to ban conversion therapy (programs intended to attempt to change a person's sexual orientation or gender identity, which are not supported by science and can result in long-term mental health issues for people put through them) from PEI. A similar version of this motion has now been tabled in New Brunswick as well by NB Green MLA Megan Mitton. 
  • Peter Bevan-Baker tabled a bill designed to prevent governments from abusing their power by taking out taxpayer-funded ads that indirectly serve to promote the governing party, although this bill did not make it to a vote before the Legislature rose.
  • Green MLAs supported the passage of Opposition private members bills to require post-secondary institutions to have policies for dealing with instances of sexual violence on campus (to which the Green MLAs contributed a number of amendments to improve the bill), to require mandatory sexual assault law training for new judges, and to create a new Autism Secretariat to coordinate government services and programs for children with autism.


Some "lowlights" of this sitting:

  • Before passing a bill entitled "The Climate Leadership Act" which added a 4 cent/L carbon tax to the price of gasoline and diesel fuel, the government passed another bill reducing the gas tax by 3 cents/L, and announced that the one cent difference would be used primarily to subsidize motor vehicle usage. The end result was not so much "climate leadership" as an extremely mixed message from the PEI government.
  • The Green Party introduced a bill to amend the Election Act to make changes called for three years ago by the former Chief Electoral Officer, and which the current Chief Electoral Officer says he needs to do his job effectively. However, in an unprecedented and surprising move, the government (with support from some Opposition members) blocked debate on this bill. That means that the highly dubious practice of the government cabinet appointing District Returning Officers (rather than the independent Chief Electoral Officer hiring these officers, whose job it is to ensure the fairness and smooth operation of elections in their districts, based on the skills needed for the job) will likely persist into the next election.


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Whole-child leadership needed - by Susan Hartley, Dec 4, 2018. Susan writes that in order to get the best possible outcomes for children, many government programs and departments must be involved and coordinated.


Seeking Green Policy Research Volunteers

We are currently looking for volunteers who would like to help out with a project to compile policy position taken by Green MLAs in the Legislature. This involves looking through various legislative records including bills, motions, debates, statements and Question Period, and is an important part of our policy development efforts.

If you want to help and don't mind nerding out on policy and legislative proceedings, please get in touch with Jordan Bober at [email protected] with instructions on how to begin!


Have you noticed us on Instagram?

The PEI Greens have not been consistently active on Instagram in the past, but this all changed recently with Jill MacIntrye coming onto the scene as our Instagram coordinator. Instagram is a mobile device-based photo- and video-sharing platform that is rapidly becoming the social network of choice for younger generations in particular, so we appreciate Jill's work to ensure a strong Green presence in the Instaverse! You can check out our Instagram profile at

One regular feature started by Jill is #MeetYourGreensMonday, where every week she features someone who identifies as a PEI Green member, volunteer or supporter, and shares their story. Recently Jill introduced herself - here's what she said:

After graduating from Mount Allison University in 2018 with a degree in international relations and economics, I decided to move back to Summerside before my Master's degree. I decided to get involved in the Green Party because I had become so hopeless about the state of politics that I had to channel that energy in a positive way. I truly believe that the Green Party are the best option for PEI's social, economic, and especially environmental future. The safe upper limit for carbon in our atmosphere is 350ppm, and that was surpassed in 1987. As someone born in 1996, I have only known a dying planet. The time to take serious action is yesterday, especially as a low-lying island vulnerable to rising sea levels and erosion. The Green Party has consistently shown that they're ready to mitigate climate change while maintaining our main industries. Getting involved in the Green party as a social media coordinator, volunteer for District 22, and party member has been such a fulfilling experience, and we'll need all hands on deck to turn the tides Green in the next election. DM us if you're interested in getting more involved, or if you want to be featured on #MeetYourGreensMonday.

If you would like to share your story on #MeetYourGreensMonday, you can get ahold of Jill at [email protected].


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