2020 District 12 Annual General Meeting

An Electoral District Association (EDA) is the primary local organizing unit of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island. EDAs play a critical role in local grassroots activities,  community engagement, fundraising events, and selecting and supporting candidates in elections. A strong EDA is instrumental in laying the groundwork for the successful election of a Green MLA in your area.

What happens at the Annual General Meeting, and how can I get involved?

The most important order of business will be the election of the Coordinating Team. You must have a Green Party of PEI membership in good standing or have become a member at least 30 days before the AGM to be eligible to vote (District 12 members only) or to run for a position on the Coordinating Team.

You can check your membership status here (note that you’ll need to create an account if you don’t have one already), or by writing to [email protected].

Electing the Coordinating Team

Members are invited to seek election for the positions currently vacant on the Coordinating Team. The roles and main duties of the vacant positions are listed below:

1. Chair (two-year term)

  • Act as chair/facilitator of EDA meetings (but may share/delegate this role with other Coordinating Team members).
  • Coordinate the activities of other Coordinating Team members and committees
  • Ensure that the EDA fulfills its duties towards its membership (for example, by organizing required general meetings and elections) and towards the party (e.g. reporting requirements).
  • Serve as the primary spokesperson for the EDA.
  • Promote membership and involvement in the EDA, and continually plan for succession within the Coordinating Team by identifying and fostering new leaders and talents.

2. Financial Coordinator (one-year term)

  • Monitor EDA funds through its Virtual Account.
  • Authorize EDA expenditures.
  • Submit donations received and expenses incurred to the party for deposit or reimbursement.
  • Ensure that donations accepted and expenditures made by the EDA on the Party’s behalf are in compliance with both Elections PEI and GPPEI rules.
  • Supervise EDA fundraising activities.

3. Communications Coordinator (two-year term)

  • Ensure that the EDA webpage (on the main Party website) is up-to-date, including submitting EDA events to the Party’s Events Calendar.
  • Draft and send email correspondence to EDA members as needed.
  • Have principal responsibility for management of any other communications channels used by the EDA (social media accounts, email groups, etc).
  • Ensure that proper Green Party of PEI branding and communications guidelines are adhered to in all EDA communications and materials.

NOTE: The Coordinating Team may also create and appoint other roles on the EDA, e.g. Young Green representative or member-at-large, to accomplish the EDA’s important tasks and goals. We need YOUR help and hope you’ll get involved even if you don’t seek one of the core roles on the Coordinating Team.

If you wish to nominate yourself for a role on the Coordinating Team, please send an e-mail including your name and the position you are interested in, along with a short bio and your motivation for wishing to serve on the EDA by no later than May 12, 2020.

June 09, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Online Meeting (via Zoom)
Barbara Dylla ·
Bob Gray Barbara Dylla Julie Devon Dodd Darcie Lanthier Peter Rukavina

Will you come?