Early 2019 Training Webinars

We're pleased to offer this series of skill-building webinars for our members and volunteers. While the topics chosen all have in common that they contain useful knowledge and skills for campaigners, many of the skills taught here can be useful in other aspects of your life.

Please click on the link below each webinar description to register for any webinars you are interested in participating in. You will then be sent the information you need to access the webinar.


A tour of campaign resources: Sunday, Jan 20 @ 7pm

There are a lot of resources already available to candidates and their teams to help get ready for the next election. This webinar is intended to provide a tour of these resources and where to find them. This webinar is open to Green nominees, prospective nominees and volunteers.

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Become an instant design pro with Canva: Wednesday, Jan 23 @ 7pm

In this very visual age, the ability to create graphics of all sorts (for social media, posters, brochures, cards & more) has become an important skill. Fortunately, the online graphic design platform Canva makes it easy to create professional-looking designs without being a graphic designer! In this webinar, Jordan Bober will show you how. Open to anyone!

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Getting organized with Gmail: Saturday, January 26 @ 12pm

Do you sometimes find it difficult to manage your email? In projects involving multiple people, such as a campaign, staying on top of email communications and avoiding overwhelm is important to keep the team moving forward. In this webinar, Jordan Bober will share his tips for using Gmail to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and will introduce you to some things you can do to make Gmail work for you in ways you may never have thought possible. If you’re not already a Gmail user, Jordan will show you how you can start receiving your emails through Gmail without even changing your existing email address! Open to anyone!

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Election team financial management: Thursday, January 31 @ 7pm

This webinar is specifically intended for candidates, campaign managers and/or campaign financial coordinators to understand the most important things about campaign financial management, including how the campaign Virtual Accounts work, how to accept donations legally, important considerations for fundraising events, and how to manage expenses. This webinar is open to campaign team members playing or thinking of playing a financial coordination role.

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POSTPONED: Social Media basics with Jill MacIntyre: Monday, Feb 4th @ 7pm

Jill MacIntyre is a social media pro and has been managing the Green Party’s Instagram account. In this webinar intended for people who are relatively new to the world of social media, Jill will show you the most important things you need to know to be an effective user of Facebook, and will also provide brief introductions to Instagram and Twitter. Open to anyone!

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How to use the GPPEI Slack for party information and team communication: Thursday, Feb 7th @ 7pm

Slack is an instant messaging platform used by the Green Party of PEI to share information among volunteers and to facilitate team communication. Slack is used by thousands of teams and organizations because of the way in which it allows users to create “channels” for different topics of conversation or for different teams, allowing team members to focus on the communication that is most important to them.

If you’ve already been using Slack, this webinar will show you ways to use it more effectively. If you haven’t used Slack before, this will make an excellent introduction, and you’ll be invited to join the Green Party’s Slack prior to the webinar so that you can explore it yourself. This webinar is open to Green Party volunteers and nominees.

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Basic photo manipulation with free Gimp software: Saturday, February 9th @ 12pm

Campaigners tend to make lots of graphics, and the manipulation of photos and other images is often a part of graphic design. In this webinar, Jordan Bober will show you how you can use the free, open source Gimp software (think: free Photoshop!) - which is available for both PCs and Macs - to carry out the most commonly-needed forms of photo and image manipulation, including cropping, creating transparent backgrounds, lighting adjustment, changing an object’s colour, and doing minor touch-ups. Open to anyone!

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Other upcoming topics:

Poll-by-poll campaign planning

Volunteer coordination and mobilization

Using the NationBuilder campaign database in your campaign

Door to door listening

The Media: Getting it & dealing with it

Are there any other topics you’d like training on? Please send your suggestions to [email protected]