Environmental Bill of Rights

Why does an Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) matter for PEI?

An EBR will establish in law the right to a healthy environment. People are often surprised and frustrated to learn that this isn’t a right they have currently. The EBR also gives Islanders a right to participate in environmental decision making. It would establish an Environmental Commissioner who is independent from government to oversee these rights, and would set out a process for people to be able to potentially have questionable environmental decisions and policies changed. And, with the right to pursue legal action expressly spelled out, we’ll have the accountability that has been sorely lacking in environmental issues. 


>>Read the Environmental Bill of Rights legislative bill

>>See this article on the Environmental Bill of Rights by East Coast Environmental Law

>>Watch this recorded webinar with Lynne Lund speaking about the Environmental Bill of Rights


Getting this bill written was a huge amount of work, and your help is needed to get it passed!

Getting this through the legislature will take you. Every vote will matter. So there are a couple of things you can do to help:

  • Please call or email your MLA and let them know why supporting an EBR for PEI matters to you. MLAs who are already prepared to stand for this need our support, and those who are not need to know their constituents care about it. 


  • Consider writing a letter to the editor about why Environmental Rights is important for PEI. Generating momentum in the public can make a huge difference. 

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