Historic Fall sitting sees Green Caucus make life better for Islanders

 Islanders are benefiting in significant ways after a historic sitting of the Legislature that saw important legislation by the Official Opposition Green caucus passing into law.

“This is a thrilling time for Prince Edward Island,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition. “This fall sitting has been a highlight of my career. I couldn’t be prouder of the tremendous and life-changing work by my colleagues in the Green caucus.”

Green legislation passed during the sitting included a paradigm shift in how Islanders are treated and protected when it comes to issues of harassment and discrimination.

“The NDA legislation proposed by MLA Lynne Lund means Islanders cannot be gagged and silenced anymore when it comes to speaking out about misconduct and unlawful acts,” said Bevan-Baker. “This is groundbreaking legislation – the first of its kind in all of Canada.”

Another piece of important legislation included addressing wage disparity in the workplace.

“As a result of this excellent work by MLA Trish Altass, Island workers can enjoy more transparency when it comes to wages,” said Bevan-Baker. “This legislation will create a more open and fair system that will help eliminate gender wage disparity.”

For Islanders facing housing insecurity, Green legislation preventing renovictions passed as well.

“We know PEI is in the midst of a housing crisis,” said Bevan-Baker. “Housing is a basic human right and legislation put forward by MLA Hannah Bell will prevent landlords from renovicting Islanders. This is huge for people and families already facing housing insecurity.”

In total, the Official Opposition passed 3 pieces of legislation and 5 motions, including motions on expanding the scope of practice for pharmacists; using a Child Rights Impact Assessment across policies and legislative development; supporting preventative pelvic floor health on PEI; supporting the mental health of Islanders through artistic, cultural, and social activity; and establishing a Citizen’s Assembly for Proportional Representation.

“This has been a historic sitting of the House. Islanders benefit when Greens are in the House.”