Enhancing Well-Being on PEI: Acting on the Green Vision

Everyone is invited to this year’s series of online community forums exploring the Green vision for PEI and the actions that will get us there. Focused on enhancing the well-being of PEI - in every sense of the word - the 2023 forums are designed to take us out of the artificial siloes of government departments into conversations about how we truly live. These forums are open to everyone!

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Land, Water, and Environmental Stewardship

Join Green MLAs Hannah Bell, Peter Bevan-Baker, and Steve Howard, along with co-host Susan Hartley, to explore the Green vision for caring for our natural environment.  The threat to our shorelines, water, and forests has never been more apparent than in the past year.   We need serious conversations about climate change, land and water use, and the overall protection of our environment.  And more than talk - we need action.  Join us for this conversation!

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Economic Equity and Sustainability

Join Green MLAs Trish Altass, Lynne Lund, and Peter Bevan-Baker, along with co-host Susan Hartley, to explore the Green vision for enhancing the lives of all Islanders through actions that address the increasing cost-of-living and the cost of doing business.  The Green vision includes establishing economic security for all Islanders and growing a local and sustainable economy.  Join us for this conversation!

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Good Governance: Building Stability and Trust

Join Green MLAs and guests for a discussion of what needs to be in place to improve Islander’s faith in government.  In addition to topics such as transparency, accountability, and the free flow of information, governance includes the government's responsibility to develop a long term strategic plan, stick to it, ensure all programs and policies clearly fall within that vision, and to evaluate the effectiveness of how Islander’s hard earned money is being spent.

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