Green Family Feud

Our MLAs Lynne Lund and Trish Altass are feuding! They just can't seem to agree on anything anymore - each thinks that SHE is right and the other is WRONG - but we all know that they can't both be right, can they?

The Regional Association for District 21 & 23 is stepping in to resolve this conflict the proper, peaceful way - with a game of Green Family Feud on June 3rd at 6:30pm, via Zoom.

In case you've never seen Family Feud before, basically it's a contest between two teams - families - who strive to answer the most questions correctly.

If you can, JOIN US online on June 3rd at 6:30pm to take in the showdown!

Who will prevail: "Tell it like it is" Trish or "Lay it on the line" Lynne. This battle of the wits will last for approximately one hour.


(Jokes aside, we want to take this opportunity to touch base with our community and we hope this fun friendly feud will bring some laughter to your day!)

June 03, 2021 at 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Zoom (online)