Green legislation for partial moratorium on renovictions passes

Charlottetown, PE – Today Green legislation was passed in the Legislative Assembly to immediately halt some actions to evict Islanders for reasons of renovations or repairs.

“We are in an unprecedented housing crisis that is becoming more and more dire every day,” said Hannah Bell, Official Opposition Critic for Finance. “Government committed to bring the new Residential Tenancy Act this sitting but chose not to. Islanders have been waiting for two years for better protections and they cannot wait any longer.”

In absence of any leadership from the King government on the housing crisis, this Green legislation offers immediate protections for Islanders who are at risk of being renovicted.

“We are doing the work that government has not made a priority – Islanders cannot face another winter with the stress and worry that they might find an eviction notice on their door when they get home,” said Bell. “I implore the King government to stop doing things in half measures and make housing a priority and ensure every Islander can enjoy the basic human right of shelter and home.”

With the passage of this legislation, renovictions are prevented from happening for at least the next two years or until the new Residential Tenancy Act is passed. It also requires landlords to first obtain the permits required by law before completing any renovations that require tenants to terminate their tenancy.