Green Party celebrates strong financial position after election

CHARLOTTETOWN - The Green Party of PEI is celebrating having emerged from its history-making 2019 election campaign debt-free and in a strong financial position going forward.

The Party has reported total election spending of $181,000 to Elections PEI - of which $120,000 was spent by candidates and $61,000 by the party itself.

The Green Party did not take out any loans during or prior to the election, although it did take out a short term loan of $20,000 following the election for temporary cash flow purposes. The loans were paid off in August, and the party is debt-free.

“I’m incredibly proud of the hard work and contributions of our membership that allowed us to run a successful, financially sustainable election campaign,” said Party president Martin Ruben. “The Green Party believes in doing politics differently and, going into the last election, that included managing our finances in a way that adheres to our core value of living within our means and that will ensure our success going forward. In other words, in the way we’d like to see our province itself governed.”

So far this year, the Green Party has raised $171,000 in donations - a 264% increase over the same period in 2018.

Party treasurer Sue Whitaker said that with Green candidates exceeding the 15% threshold in 25 of 27 districts, the Party was also eligible for more than $86,000 in campaign expense reimbursements, most of which she said is being held in reserve in order to give the districts a jump-start in their campaign funds for the next election.

“It’s exciting to me that, coming out of this year’s election, we already have such a strong election reserve fund. We’ve come a long way from the $3,000 the Green Party had in the bank going into the 2015 provincial election.”