Green Party of PEI celebrates strong finish in Summerside-Wilmot by-election

SUMMERSIDE - The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is celebrating the strong showing of Deputy Leader Lynne Lund in yesterday’s by-election in Summerside-Wilmot.

Lund came in third place with 21.9% of the total vote, after winner Chris Palmer (Liberal) with 42.3% and second place finisher Brian Ramsay (PC) with 31.2%. The Green Party had won 9.9% of the vote in the district in the 2015 general election.

“This is a win for us,” Lund told a roomful of volunteers and supporters after the results came in. “We started this campaign from scratch, and ended by more than doubling our vote in this district and achieving the second-best result in the history of the Green Party of PEI, after (leader and MLA for district 17) Peter Bevan-Baker’s groundbreaking victory just last year. We can and will build on this.”

Green Party leader Peter Bevan-Baker attributes Lund’s strong showing in the by-election to the hard work of Lund and her volunteers, who canvassed the entire riding twice, and to the strong impression Lund made on voters during the October 11th all candidates debate, as well as her interview on CBC’s Compass the following day.

“We saw an incredible surge of support for Lynne in the final week of the campaign,” said Bevan-Baker. “I lost count of the number of people who told me that they were so impressed by Lynne at the debates or on the doorstep, and would be voting for her as a result. Lynne is an incredibly articulate, intelligent and compassionate person and candidate, and I always knew that as more people got to know her, they would vote for her. This strong result was built one conversation at a time - and we look forward to many more conversations to come.”

Lund’s vote share on election day surged to nearly 27% - proof, her campaign says, that the momentum was swinging their way.

“We sure gave the other candidates a run for their money,” said campaign manager Jordan Bober. “I think the next surprise will come when all the campaign expenses are filed and they see how much less we spent on this campaign than they did,” he added, noting that the Green Party of PEI does not accept corporate or union donations, relying instead on the support of individuals.