February 2022 Green News

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More than 80 people from all over PEI participated in each of our first two Rural Roundtables on Jan 12 & Feb 3. The discussions were awesome and we took pages and pages of notes that will inform Green policies and our next platform.

We plan on holding more of these, so stay tuned!

We're pleased to bring you another month of Green news.

The buzz around the Green Party of PEI these days is: Dialogue! As a political party, it is so important for us to continually check in with Islanders, so that the work we do is rooted in the needs, hopes and experiences of people throughout PEI. To this end, we have held two rurally-focussed online forums over the past three weeks, as part of our Rural Roundtable series. We have been just blown away by the participation and the fruitfulness of these discussions, leaving us all (including our Green MLAs) feeling newly energized. So thanks so much to all who joined us in those forums!

Later this month, on February 16th, we will be shifting our focus to the critical Island-wide issue of Housing, with our Housing Forum. If you are concerned about the state of housing on PEI and want to talk about the way out of the crisis, we hope you can join us there!

Until then, take care,

Jordan Bober
Executive Director

In this newsletter:

  • Upcoming Events
    • Housing Forum Feb 16
  • Green Caucus updates
    • Let us know what topics you'd like to see Green MLAs raise in the House
    • From the desks of Green MLAs
  • Members' Corner
    • Member survey and tax receipts coming soon
    • Volunteers wanted for the Election Readiness Committee
    • Grassroots policy discussions
    • The Downtown Charlottetown Greens want you!


Wednesday, Feb. 16 @ 6:30pm: Housing Forum

Housing is in a state of crisis on PEI - and has been for several years. Rapid population growth, changing demographics, and a lack of government foresight and action means that, for many, keeping a roof over their head is neither affordable nor something that can be taken for granted.

How do we get out of such a desperate situation, and into a future where affordable, appropriate housing is a right enjoyed by all?

Let's put it all on the table and talk about the future of housing on PEI.

Our MLAs and caucus staff are hard at work preparing for the spring sitting of the Legislature, which starts on February 22nd.

Part of that involves writing questions, motions, and statements to bring up in the House. We want to hear from members about what sorts of topics we should be raising.

The three main opportunities we have to raise issues are statements, motions, and questions. Here is a quick overview of what these look like:

Statements are short (under 90 second) speeches, often used to recognize a person or organization doing great work in the community, or an important event in an MLA’s local district. These are not “debatable”, so other MLAs do not get to respond to them and there are no votes.

Motions are used to initiate debates where every MLA has an opportunity to speak. These typically call on government to take some course of action on an issue, but can’t actually force government to take that particular action. Motions end with a vote, but MLAs can speak as long as they want on these so that doesn’t always happen!

Questions can be asked at various points during debates, including the daily Questions Period, on the budget, and on bills. Question Period is the most prominent of these because the media is always paying close attention, but it’s also the most restrictive in terms of format and content. Questions on budgets and bills are much more flexible.

If you have a idea for a topic to raise in the Legislature, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. Don’t worry about writing it out in full, or whether it should be a statement, motion, or question -- all you need is a good idea! We’ll figure out where we can best raise it, and our caucus staff will take care of fine tuning it to fit the Legislature.

Just a final note, we’ll make sure to consider everything you send us, but with the multitude of issues and priorities we have to juggle, not every idea – even those generated within caucus – makes it to the floor of the Legislature.

From the Desks of Green MLAs


PETER BEVAN-BAKER: Immediate action is needed to address the growing crisis in long-term care

PETER BEVAN-BAKER: Rising hospitalizations are showing the King government response to Omicron is flawed

PETER BEVAN-BAKER: Island Seniors are at risk due to challenges in Long Term Care


Back-to-school.jpgLYNNE LUND: Calling on Minister Jameson to clearly communicate and consult with parents, teachers and all Islanders on a safe back to school plan

What is the King government’s plan for back to school and when will they share it with Islanders?


OLE HAMMARLUND: Blah blah blah — Actions, not words, are needed to solve our climate crisis

OLE HAMMARLUND: Calling for improvements to ventilation in Island schools


HANNAH BELL: P.E.I. government’s response to soaring inflation must reflect the burden it is placing on Island families


TRISH ALTASS: Inconsistency of COVID restrictions and lack of support for Island workers leave many feeling anxious


MICHELE BEATON: Calling on King government to enforce COVID protocols in LTC to keep residents and workers safe

MICHELE BEATON: calling on Minister Hudson to provide immediate access to rapid tests for community organizations needing them

MICHELE BEATON: Statement on how to improve staffing concerns in long term care


The Green Caucus has been hard at work to improve the lives of Islanders. If you haven't already, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And check out their website at www.peigreencaucus.ca for blogs, videos and more!

Provincial Council Meetings

Regular Provincial Council meetings take place on the third Monday of each month, usually via Zoom. The next meeting will be on February 21 at 7pm.

Members are welcome to join Provincial Council meetings as observers or presenters (see the policies on guest observers and presenters here). Please write to [email protected] to request to join a meeting as an observer or presenter.

Click here to subscribe to meeting notifications.

Keep an eye on your inbox!

In the next week, you can expect to receive a) your 2021 tax receipt and b) the 2021/2022 Member Survey in your inbox, so please keep an eye out for those!

The annual Member Survey is a really important opportunity for us to obtain both general and specific feedback from Members, which informs the party's activities and priorities. This year, the survey will consist of two parts: an anonymous survey feedback survey, and a (non-anonymous) set of questions so that we can learn more about you, the members.

Call for Volunteers: Election Readiness Committee

The Election Readiness Committee (ERC) is seeking volunteers interested in serving on the main committee as well as in working groups.

The ERC has an important mandate to ensure ensure the party's preparedness for the next election, including for the candidate nomination process leading up to the election.

If you would like to contribute to the Green Party by serving in this key committee, please write to [email protected] with a bit about yourself, your interest in the committee and any particular skills or experience you might like to offer.

Grassroots Policy Development

Members would have received an email on January 25th all about our Grassroots Policy Motion Development Process, which is gearing up in advance of the spring AGM.

Since then, a number of members have started policy conversations on our Loomio Member Discussion Space. We encourage you to check out the conversations that are happening there - or start one of your own! Click here to join.

As always, if you have an idea for new Green Party policy, you are encouraged to write to [email protected] for advice and assistance. And click here to learn more about the Grassroots Policy Development Process.

Live in District 12 or 13? The Downtown Charlottetown Greens want you!

On December 2, 2021, members from District 12 (Charlottetown-Victoria Park) and District 13 (Charlottetown-Brighton) gathered at Beaconsfield’s Carriage House and voted unanimously to form a new combined Regional Association for the two districts - the Downtown Charlottetown Greens!

A meeting will be held sometime in the coming months to elect a new Coordinating Team.

Vacant positions: Chair, Data Coordinator, and Communications/Member relations Coordinator.

In the meantime, Julie Dodd, Barbara Dylla, and Trudy MacDonald have accepted to form a transition team to lay the groundwork for the incoming team.

If you are interested in helping to launch the association, please write to [email protected]

Click here to visit the new Regional Association's web page.

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