HANNAH BELL: Calling on Government to give Islanders a full carbon rebate

Today saw another unscheduled price increase from IRAC for home heating oil, diesel, and gasoline. Heating fuel has risen in price over $0.40 in the month of October alone, just as people are filling oil tanks for the winter. Islanders are lurching from one crisis to another with barely a chance to catch their breath, and with little meaningful or reliable help from the government they elected.


I am calling on the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Action to give Islanders the full carbon tax rebate of approximately $800 per household per year, to be paid quarterly starting in January 2023. This rebate would provide reliable and consistent additional money for Islanders and would soften the blow of wildly fluctuating oil and gas prices.

Additionally, I am calling on the Minister to review the legislation and regulations regarding IRAC’s fuel price reviews. These reviews are meant to be weekly, but unscheduled additional reviews are now happening more and more frequently. These are disruptive and distressing. Without real action, this government is choosing not to support Islanders.

Hannah Bell, MLA Charlottetown-Belvedere
Official Opposition Green Critic for Finance, and
Official Opposition Green Critic for Environment, Energy and Climate Action


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