Housing Forum

Housing is in a state of crisis on PEI - and has been for several years. Rapid population growth, changing demographics, and a lack of government foresight and action means that, for many, keeping a roof over their head is neither affordable nor something that can be taken for granted.

How do we get out of such a desperate situation, and into a future where affordable, appropriate housing is a right enjoyed by all? 

Let's put it all on the table and talk about the future of housing on PEI. Topics of discussion at this forum may include:

  • Rental housing and the upcoming new Residential Tenancy Act;
  • What it takes to end homelessness;
  • Alternatives to housing-as-usual, such as cooperatives, co-housing, tiny homes and more;
  • The housing needs of seniors;
  • The role of rules & regulations, such as municipal zoning, building permits, the building code, short-term rental regulation, etc;
  • Net-zero energy housing;
  • Accessible housing;
  • Addressing the root causes of rising home prices and rents;
  • and more!

This forum will take place online via Zoom. To register, please add your information and click "Register" below; you will then be taken to a Zoom registration page to complete your registration and obtain the Zoom participation link.

February 16, 2022 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Online (via Zoom)

Will you come?