Jason Charette - District 25

The desire for sustainable change that brings about a better future is what drives Jason Charette. Hailing from a small farm nestled in the beautiful coastal forests of Prince county, Charette divides most of his time between converting his homestead into a sustainable mixed-use farm and spending time with his infant daughter.

As a new father, Jason Charette understands the needs of the many families found across his district, and the island as a whole. As an advocate for child literacy and education, Charette is committed to finding solutions for families to promote life long learning. A strong family support structure and access to community programs for growing families are among the major needs of rural families. Charette hopes to represent district 25 families and be their voice for positive change.

With a strong interest in historical farming, Charette and his family utilize all manners of sustainable practises to produce food products with as little off island imports as possible. Found on Charette’s Farm, Misty Thicket, is a wide assortment of classical farming methods such as wattle fences and block-planted crops. With these sustainable approaches, he is able to produce a high yield garden with only the resources at hand. Jason Charette finds great pride in his work on the land; tending to his heritage breed chickens and growing a cellar full of vegetables is a passion he would love to share with the whole island. Our land is fertile, but nevertheless food security is an issue that effects all islanders. Charette believes that small farms are key to our growth, the key to giving islanders more control over the food on our tables.

Though conversations with his rural neighbours, it has become clear that many challenges face the modern rural resident. From the concerns of high capacity wells, the worrying state of the rural doctor shortage, and the ongoing issues with the overuse of pesticides; Charette understands their concerns and sees the same issues from his own front door. With a strong drive for the rural life in PEI to continue to thrive over the coming years, Charette is looking forward to serving the residents of district 25 with a voice that is rooted in the life so many of us lead. A rural life worth protecting.

Prior to starting his farm in Price County, Charette worked for over a decade in the telecommunications industry. Working closely with employees and customers alike; he has the experience to listen, assess, and understand the problems at hand. Jason Charette will bring his drive and ambition to the honorable role of a Green Party Candidate. He looks forward to serving the residents of the District 25 (O’Leary – Inverness) in the up coming election.

Email: [email protected]