John Allen MacLean

John Allen MacLean was was born and raised in a big, old farmhouse in New Perth, where his family had a small hobby farm on which they grew their own fruits and vegetables and raised some livestock. His family opened their home to senior citizens in the area who needed a place to live, whether it was for thirty days or thirty years. This taught John Allen the value of sharing and working hard for everyone to succeed.

John Allen attended Montague Regional High School, where he began honing his musical skills, and has played in a bands and for local benefit concerts and shows.

John currently works at a local craft beer pub and substitute teaches at Montague Consolidated School as well as other schools in the surrounding area. He is very involved in his community, and ran as a candidate in the recent Three Rivers election.

"My highest values are fairness, kindness and patience. Having the patience to calmly listen to others’ ideas and learn from them is the only doorway to understanding them. Viewing it all through a filter of kindness helps us to see that we are indeed all working toward finding our personal good and balance," said John Allen. "Fairness represents balance. Fairness isn’t about giving everyone everything that they want. It is about ensuring that everyone gets something and leaves a situation feeling heard and fulfilled equally." 



Email: [email protected]

Phone: 902-838-1522

Campaign Address: 4541 AA MacDonald Highway, Poole's Corner