The King government must address the crises in health, housing, and climate if it is serious about the wellbeing of Islanders

The Prince Edward Island Greens firmly believe the success of our province is rooted in the wellbeing of its people. In the upcoming fall sitting of the Legislature, the Official Opposition Green caucus will be holding the King government accountable for its handling of the triple threat Islanders are facing – health, housing, and climate.

“The King government is failing Islanders at every turn. Our healthcare system is losing more professionals than we are able to attract. As a result, Islanders do not have access to care they need, when they need it. We have a lack of affordable housing. This means Islanders are being forced to choose between home, food, or medicine. Housing is a basic, fundamental human right,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition. “PEI is also experiencing threats to its primary industries, like agriculture and fisheries, and yet government has not done enough to protect our Island against the climate crisis. There are things we can and must do immediately if we are serious about the wellbeing of our province and those who call it home.”

In the fall sitting of the Legislature the Official Opposition Green caucus will also be looking for government to improve the lives of Islanders as we recover from the COVID pandemic.

“Under the King government, Islanders have been underserved in a number of key and critical areas, such as social equity, labour, and rural communities,” said Bevan-Baker.