Leaves fall, Greens rise - October Green Party News

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PEI Green MLAs Peter Bevan-Baker and Hannah Bell made their debut as a horn-and-trombone-playing duo at the Green Leaders Rally in Fredericton, NB on September 10, 2018. Here they are seen walking with New Brunswick Green leader David Coon, federal Green leader Elizabeth May, and Ontario Green leader Mike Schreiner.

Did you miss us? We unfortunately missed sending you a September newsletter, but we're back with lots to report about what's been happening and what's coming up. August and September have been HUGE months for Greens, with 10 new candidates nominated, some important policy pieces being rolled out, an exciting New Brunswick election that many local Greens helped out in, and much more! If you've been feeling out of the loop, grab a coffee and settle in for all the latest Green news.

In this newsletter:

  • Meet your Green candidates
  • Greens in New Brunswick
  • Upcoming events - Green Halloween!
  • Housing calls to action
  • The Green Carbon Pricing Plan
  • From the Blogs
  • Northern Pulp effluent pipe: Last chance to sign the petition! 


Green candidates for the next election are being nominated all over the Island! Candidates have now been nominated in 15 of the 27 districts, and many are already starting to put together their teams and raise money to ensure that they are prepared to run winning campaigns, whenever the election is called.

We've created a new Candidates page on our website to help you find, learn more about and support your local candidates! Please check it out at peigreens.ca/candidates. Via these pages, it's now also possible to make a donation that will support the Election Fund for the district of your choice.

If you have any questions or would like to offer your help in any way, your local Green candidates will be very happy to hear from you! You'll find their email addresses on their candidate pages as well.



The Northumberland Effect? More Greens have now been elected in our region than in any other part of Canada.

The Northumberland Strait got a whole lot Greener with the September 24th New Brunswick election, and not from algae! The Green Party of New Brunswick ran a positive campaign, speaking the truth about climate change, corporate influence, the need to respect indigenous and language rights, and the responsibility to eradicate poverty. As a result, they doubled their province-wide vote from 2014, and leader David Coon was re-elected in his Fredericton riding, winning not only the support of 56% of his electorate, but two new Green caucus colleagues as well. Congratulations to Kevin Arsenau of Kent North and Megan Mitton of Memramcook-Tantramar (just the other side of the bridge from PEI) on their elections to the New Brunswick Legislature!  

Many PEI Greens were not only cheering on our New Brunswick cousins, but actively supporting as well. Jordan Bober, our Fundraising Chair and Director of Election Readiness, spent August and September in Fredericton gaining valuable experience on the New Brunswick Green campaign. Leader Peter Bevan-Baker, MLA Hannah Bell, and Shadow Critics/candidates Lynne Lund, Trish Altass and Susan Hartley all made trips to campaign with Megan Mitton and to rally with Green leaders from across Canada in Fredericton, and still others helped out by making phone calls from PEI.

No party won enough seats in the NB Legislature to govern with a majority, so both the Liberals and the PCs hoped that the Greens would formally support one of them over the other. However, on Wednesday, the three NB Green MLAs made an announcement: the conditions did not exist to enter into a formal agreement with either party. Instead, they published a document pledging that each Green MLA would base his or her votes on principles including respect for indigenous and language rights, fighting poverty, ensuring New Brunswick lived within its ecological and fiscal means, and ensuring good governance and the proper working of the Legislature. The Greens invited other MLAs to join them in this pledge, and already many have! One thing is clear: there will be lots to watch and learn from in New Brunswick politics in the next while, and Greens are leading the way. 


Charlottetown Green Drinks - Tuesday, October 23 7-9pm

Please join us for our monthly Charlottetown Green Drinks - an informal gathering where all those Green and Green-curious are invited to connect and get to know one another, and talk about the issues important to you.

This time, we'll be gathering at Upstreet Craft Brewing - the first business on PEI to obtain B-Corp Certification.

More info and RSVP at: peigreens.ca/green_drinks_charlottetown181023

Greens aren't usually thought of as "scary", but we do like to give it our best shot come Halloween! The Summerside & Area Greens have organized what promises to be a spooktacular good time on the Friday before Halloween,  featuring live music, dancing, costume prizes and more! All proceeds support the District 21, 22 & 23 election funds, and tickets are eligible for generous political donation tax credits.

Learn more and get tickets at https://www.greenparty.pe.ca/green_halloween

Save the date: A Green Christmas November 21, 2018

While the Summerside Greens are Greening Halloween, the District 11 Charlottetown Greens are Greening Christmas!

Tickets and more details will be coming out soon, but we wanted you to mark your calendar for this fun pre-Christmas fundraiser for the District 11 election fund, which will feature raffles, craft sales, games and more at the Murchison Centre!

RSVP for advance notification of ticket sales at peigreens.ca/merry_green_christmas

A Festive Green social at Hazelbrook Homestead Dec 1, 2018

Come experience the beautifully restored 19th-century homestead in its Christmas glory and cozy up with delicious food and drink, music and people in good cheer, hosted by District 2 (Georgetown-Pownal) Green Party nominee Susan Hartley and special guest, Green Party of PEI leader Peter Bevan-Baker. 

Please RSVP as space is limited: peigreens.ca/hazelbrook_homestead

The Green Legislative office - the Office of the Third Party (OTP) - has been keeping busy working for the people of PEI during the last of the summer. Both Peter and Hannah have had extensive meetings with groups and individuals representing all parts of Island society, and they and their legislative teams, together with the Green Party Shadow Cabinet, have been giving careful thought to the problems of the day, and how they might be solved.


On September 6th, the OTP released its Integrated Housing Framework and Calls to Action, as well as a Policy Statement on Regulating Short-term Rentals

“PEI is seeing a severe shortage in housing,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Third Party, “and much of this crisis is the result of government failing to plan and act.  Last November, I stood in the legislature and called on government to take immediate action on the issue of housing, but instead we have been inundated with strategies, action plans, advisory committees, hubs, and backroom hiring.”

The Framework has been designed to identify the three root causes of the current crisis: decreased capacity, increased social need, and market distortions.  It then presents bold calls to action that both municipal and provincial governments can act on quickly.

“Every week I am getting calls from Islanders who are suffering enormous financial hardship and mental stress because they cannot find affordable and accessible housing,” said Hannah Bell, MLA for Charlottetown-Parkdale. “The issues are complex, but we cannot simply wait around and hope the private market will magically resolve the problem.  Bold and sometimes difficult decisions need to be made.”

Carbon Pricing and Climate Action

Just two weeks after releasing its policy statements on housing, the Office of the Third Party released a Carbon Pricing Planrevenue-neutral, made-for-PEI plan that would not only tackle carbon emissions, but would help low- and middle-income Islanders to get ahead. 

The Green Party is the only party to have released a plan for a made-in-PEI carbon pricing mechanism, despite the fact that the federal government will impose its own carbon tax by January 1st in any province without a carbon price of its own.

“Climate change is one of the gravest issues facing humanity today,” said Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Third Party. “It is essential that we move toward a cleaner, low-carbon economy by placing a price on carbon.”

“I believe our plan will not only protect Island taxpayers, but help transition PEI to a cleaner and more prosperous economy – an economy of and for the future. It is time for PEI to become the Canadian leader on climate action.”

Read more about the Third Party Carbon Pricing Plan at http://thirdpartypei.ca/news/third-party-releases-carbon-pricing-plan.


Read more updates from the Office of the Third Party in their latest newsletter, "From the Attic".


Your tax dollars at work - by Peter Bevan-Baker, August 8, 2018. The line between government advertising and political propaganda is blurring.

Social Housing or Affordable Housing - by Hannah Bell, August 10, 2018. What is the difference between "social" and "affordable" housing? Where is investment most needed today, and why?

Fun and Games with FOIPP - Part I - by Peter Bevan-Baker, August 16, 2018. Why can't government openly respond to legitimate requests for information and documents without being forced to release the records under FOIPP?

Affording time off after domestic violence - by Susan Hartley and Trish Altass, August 24, 2018. The government is moving to ensure that victims of domestic and sexual violence can take unpaid leave to recover from their trauma, but can those who need the leave afford to take it?

A Tale of Two Islands - by Hannah Bell, August 25, 2018. Two different experiences of the Island's economy - that of the "economy on a tear" and that of ordinary Islanders struggling with unemployment and low wage jobs - are beginning to clash.

Look at the whole story, Minister Gallant - by Trish Altass, August 27, 2018. While the government boasts of job creation in high-tech sectors, job losses in rural areas threaten the vibrance of whole communities.

Carbon Pricing Leadership - by Peter Bevan-Baker, August 28, 2018. Acting decisively and thoughtfully on climate change is the right way to proceed both morally and economically.  

Coming together - by Susan Hartley, August 30, 2018. In the wake of a bitterly divisive battle over amalgamation in the Three Rivers area, leaders need to bring people together in an open and facilitated conversation to to build new ways of working and living together in our shared space.

The fight against climate change cannot be won in the courtroom - by Matt MacFarlane, September 2, 2018. Governments cannot claim to be fighting for taxpayers while at the same time willfully wasting taxpayer money playing petty partisan games. 

Worker health, not financial surpluses, should be WCB's priority - by Trish Altass and Matt MacFarlane, September 6, 2018. The goal of the WCB is to provide protection for Island workers and compensation for when workplace injuries occur -- not moving injured workers back to work at all costs and potentially terminating benefits prematurely.

Closing the PNP barn door - by Peter Bevan-Baker, September 13, 2018. This government’s inaction and incompetence has resulted in significant damage to our reputation, at the same time that we are trying to promote the Island to international businesses and markets.

Governing by photo-up - by Peter Bevan-Baker, September 15, 2018. We will never get politicians to completely give up their attachment to ribbon cuttings, novelty cheques, and giant roadway signs, but whenever we see this self-promotion, we should stop and give ourselves a pat on the back for providing public money for public services.

Navigating NAFTA - Part I - by Peter Bevan-Baker, September 19, 2018. We need to acknowledge the NAFTA elephant in the room, and begin to work towards building a more autonomous, diverse and resilient Island economy.

The making of our Carbon Pricing Plan - by Peter Bevan-Baker, September 26, 2018. In order for Islanders to understand why I am so committed to this plan, I think it’s important to describe how the Green Party went about crafting it.

NAFTA 2.0, or Not Again: Farmers treated abysmally - by Peter Bevan-Baker, October 6, 2018. It is time to reassess whether carrying on down the established path of freer trade and ever-expanding consumption is in our collective best interests.

Update PEI's sexual education curriculum - by Karla Bernard, October 9, 2018. An evidence-based, well-developed sexual health curriculum is essential for raising children who will engage in healthy relationships and respect diversity in Island life.

Last chance to sign the petition - The Northern Pulp effluent pipe needs a full environmental review!

The Northern Pulp mill near Pictou, Nova Scotia is proposing to pipe its wastewater directly into the Northumberland Strait, threatening the health of waters and fisheries that are of vital importance to all Maritime provinces, including PEI. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister and federal Environment Minister continue to side-step this important issue that transcends provincial boundaries.

Green MP Elizabeth May has sponsored a petition calling for a full federal environmental assessment of the proposed effluent pipe, and the petition closes on October 19th! If you're not yet one of the 409 Islanders who has signed this parliamentary petition, please add your name before October 19th.


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