LYNNE LUND: Asking the King government to release its back to school plan

The first day of school for Island students is less than two weeks away. As summer is winding down, parents and students plan their back-to-school routines. This is a significant shift for many Island families, and a lot of planning goes into adjusting to the new routines and schedules.


I am hearing from many Island families expressing concern that the Minister of Education has yet to release the back-to-school plan. Parents and students are wondering if masks will be mandatory, if cohorting will be imposed, if there will be any limitations on extracurricular activities, etc. Island teachers are also anxiously awaiting this plan since it will directly affect their days come September.

Teachers, students, and parents are actively planning their back to school. Minister Jameson needs to share her back-to-school plans with them. Leaving it to the last minute is disrespectful and helps no one.