LYNNE LUND: Government needs to provide support for Islanders accessing the Vax Pass

The PEI Vax Pass came into effect today. Islanders understand the importance of this measure designed to safeguard every person on PEI. They are keen to ensure their neighbours and families are able to safely engage in community activities. However, some are experiencing challenges in obtaining a PEI Vax Pass.

“Not all Islanders have access to the tools necessary to access their COVID vaccination records,” said Lynne Lund, Official Opposition Critic for Justice and Public Safety.

The PEI Vax Pass requires Islanders to produce a printed or electronic copy of their vaccine record and a valid government issued ID. This is making things difficult for some Islanders.


“Many Islanders do not have access to a smartphone or reliable Internet and a printer to access their vaccine record,” said Lund, “Complicating this is the reality that not all Islanders have a driver’s license or passport to use to prove their identity.”

Islanders can pay for a voluntary ID from the province. However, this is adding a cost that some are unable to afford.

“Helping Islanders get a PEI Vax Pass is important for the success of this important health measure,” said Lund. “It would be extremely helpful for government to remove barriers making it difficult for Islanders to get their pass.”

“I am calling on government to waive the fee for voluntary IDs so Islanders can get an ID that is needed for them to comply with public health requirements,” said Lund. “I am also asking government to immediately provide Islanders with the necessary support to print a copy of their vaccination record at no-cost through AccessPEI locations as well.”