Minister Jameson is breaking her promise to provide menstruation products in Island schools and failing Island youth

In late 2020 Minister Jameson made a commitment to Island youth to provide free period products in Island schools. The Official Opposition has learned the extent of that commitment amounted only to making a poster available to Island schools.

“This is ridiculous,” said Karla Bernard, Official Opposition Critic for the Status of Women. “The Minister promised to provide period products in our schools for Island youth who need them over a year ago. It seems during that time the Minister was only able to advocate for and secure funding for a poster.”

Schools contacted by the Official Opposition indicate that the Minister provided a poster advising products are available but did not provide any additional funding to actually secure those products.

“Many people who menstruate can attest to the anxiety and discomfort of not having products available when they are needed,” said Bernard. “Period poverty is a real thing and it is disappointing that the Minister herself cannot empathize or understand the impacts of not keeping her promise.”

The commitment by the Minister was to provide period products to Island youth in an accessible and ready manner. This would include providing a safe, private place for youth to go and get what they need.

“This is an issue of human dignity. Today, I am publicly asking Minister Jameson to keep her promise and immediately provide the appropriate funding for menstrual products to Island schools.”