Submitting motions for the Spring Convention

The Green Party of Prince Edward Island is inviting Party Members to submit motions to be considered for the Spring Convention on March 28, 2020.

There are three types of motions that may be considered at a General Meeting or Convention:

  • Policy motions - motions that articulate what the Green Party supports and will work towards;
  • Governance motions - motions to amend the Constitution or Bylaws of the Green Party of PEI;
  • Directives - motions that direct Provincial Council to take a particular action.


The deadline to submit motions for the Spring Convention is February 1st, 2020. Here's how:


Governance motions and Directives: Please email the Provincial Council's Governance Committee at [email protected] with your proposed motions or ideas for motions; the Governance Committee will work with you to help formulate your proposal into a motion that can be presented to the membership.

Policy motions: Provincial Council has adopted an interim Policy Motion Submission Process for Winter of 2020. If you have an idea for a policy motion, please:

  1. Review the Members' Guide to Policy Motions to find out how to draft a good policy motion and how to get started.
  2. Download a copy of the Policy Motion Submission Form to fill out (click here to make a copy in Google Docs, or here to download a Word file).
  3. Email the first draft of your motion to [email protected] by February 1st, 2020. Your first draft doesn't have to be perfect - the Motion Submission Committee will provide feedback, and create opportunities for member feedback, to help strengthen and improve your final motion.