As you hopefully know, there is a by election in Nanaimo Ladysmith this Monday (May 6th). The Green Party candidate Paul Manly is so close to becoming the 2nd elected Green MP in Canadian history. We just need to identify a few more Greens in Nanaimo Ladysmith to get Paul over the finish line.

Here on PEI, we know how much of a difference electing our second Green MLA has had - it set the stage for a much bigger breakthrough in the recent general election. Likewise, having two Green MPs will make all our voices louder and have crucial issues brought onto the national stage.  As this is the last by-election before the general election, it will also send a strong message heading into the general election: Voting Green makes a huge difference.

This weekend, can you commit to making 50 phone calls through the Green Party of Canada's remote phone bank? Just one hour of your time will bring us that much closer to electing our 2nd Green MP!

On Monday, May 6th we’ll be reminding all our Green friends to get out and vote to elect Paul Manly. We’ll be calling from 1pm AST (9am in Nanaimo) until late into the PEI night. Can you join us in making calls for a few hours on election day?

In total, amazing Green volunteers across Canada have made over 15,000 calls! Let’s keep the momentum going into the final weekend and election day!

To join the remote phone banks, please watch this short video, and if you’d like more comprehensive training, please watch this video as well. When you feel ready to make calls, please email [email protected] so we can get you set up.

Thank you again!