Become a Green candidate

Nominations are currently being accepted for the following districts:


Please note: the districts all have brand new boundaries for the upcoming election. Not sure which district you live in? Use the Civic Address Locator to find out! 

Anyone interested in exploring nomination as a Green Party candidate and seeking confidential advice is encouraged to contact the Candidate Search Committee by writing to [email protected], or contact Director of Election Readiness Jordan Bober at [email protected]

You may request an application form for any of the districts above may by writing to [email protected]. You will automatically receive an email reply with a link to download an application form.

The nomination process in a nutshell:

1. Write to [email protected] to request an application form - you'll receive an automatic reply with a link to download the form. Please note that you will be required to provide the results of a Vulnerable Sector Check together with your application. Please request this document from your local police detachment as soon as possible, as it may take up to two weeks to receive.

2. Our Nomination Screening Committee will review your application, conduct an interview with you, and speak to your references. 

3. Once the review is complete, a report is sent to Provincial Council, which then makes the final decision about the suitability of applicants to seek a Green Party nomination. Provincial Council notifies applicants of the decision, and there is an opportunity to appeal that decision.

4. Approved applicants will be asked to collect nomination signatures from 15 eligible PEI voters in the district for which they are seeking the nomination, as well as official nominations by three members of the Green Party of PEI in good standing (from any district). Applicants will be provided with a local membership list to assist in making those connections. Once the required nominations have been submitted, the applicant becomes a Qualified Nomination Contestant.

5.  Provincial Council will make a decision about when to close nominations in a district. Normally 30 days notice is given before nominations are closed, but since we are currently in an Expedited time frame, anticipating an election very soon, less notice may be given.

6. Once the deadline for nominations has closed and time is allowed to process any last-minute applications, a date will be set for a nomination meeting. Green Party of PEI members province-wide are eligible to vote in these meetings, either in person, online, or by proxy. Regardless of whether the nomination is contested, members will have the option to vote "No candidate".


See the full Nomination Process Rules here.