Run with the Greens!

Nomination applications for the 2023 Provincial Election are currently being accepted for all electoral districts, with the exception of District 17 New Haven-Rocky Point.

Anyone interested in exploring nomination as a Green Party of PEI candidate and seeking confidential advice is encouraged to contact the Candidate Search Committee by writing to [email protected].

Do you know someone you think would make a great Green MLA? Please send your suggestions to [email protected] - we'd be happy to start a conversation with them!


The application and nomination process in a nutshell:

1. Request a nomination application form by sending an email to [email protected] (or simply click here). You will automatically receive an email reply with a link to download a copy of the application form. Answer all questions in the application package and carefully follow all instructions. You will be asked to return your completed application together with other documents such as the results of a Criminal Background Check, resume or CV, a photo and documents to prove your eligibility to run as a candidate.

2. Once received, the Nomination Screening Committee will review your application and carry out screening checks.

3. Once the screening review is complete, a report is sent to the Provincial Council, which then makes the final decision about the suitability of applicants to seek a Green Party nomination. Provincial Council notifies applicants of the decision, and there is an opportunity to appeal that decision.

4. Approved applicants will be asked to collect nomination signatures from 15 eligible PEI voters in the district for which they are seeking the nomination, as well as official nominations by three members of the Green Party of PEI in good standing (from any district). Applicants will be provided with a local membership list to assist in making those connections. Once the required nominations have been submitted, the applicant becomes a Qualified Nomination Contestant.

5.  Provincial Council will make a decision about when to close nominations in a district. Normally 30 days notice is given before nominations are closed; this period may be shorter if it is believed that an election is imminent.

6. Once the deadline for nominations has closed and time is allowed to process any final applications, a date will be set for a nomination meeting. If you are seeking nomination in a district represented by a GPPEI District Association (click here to learn about existing District Associations), normally only members of the District Association will be eligible to vote at the nomination meeting. In other cases, Green Party of PEI members province-wide will be eligible to vote in the nomination meetings, either in person, online, or by proxy. Regardless of whether the nomination is contested, members will have the option to vote for "No candidate".

More Information and Resources

Find maps of all district boundaries on the Elections PEI website here.

See the full Nomination Process Rules here.