Provincial Council & Ombuds Committee Nominations 2021

In advance of the next Annual General Meeting on April 24th, 2021, the following positions will be up for election:

  • President (two-year term, until 2023)
  • Vice President (one-year term, until 2022)
  • Treasurer (one-year term, until 2022)
  • Fundraising Chair (two-year term, until 2023)
  • Membership & Volunteer Chair (one-year term, until 2022)
  • Eastern Rep (two-year term, until 2023)
  • Central Rep (two-year term, until 2023)
  • Male Ombudsperson (two-year term, until 2023)


We hope that you will consider taking a more active role in the party by stepping forward for one of these important positions! See below for more information about Provincial Council, the Ombuds Committee, and the available roles. You can also learn more by contacting us with any questions: see our current Provincial Council and Ombuds Committee members and how to contact them.


In order to nominate yourself for any of these positions, please send the following information to [email protected] no later than March 24, 2021:

  • Your name;
  • The position you are nominating for;
  • The names of at least five Green Party of PEI members who nominate you (not needed for Ombudsperson nominations; please contact us if you need assistance finding nominees!);
  • A short bio and a paragraph describing why you would like to be elected to the sought-after role;
  • A photograph that can accompany your bio.


This information will be circulated to members 30 days prior to the next General Meeting. All party members in good standing, and who have been members for at least 30 days, will be eligible to vote in the Provincial Council elections through online voting.

About Provincial Council

Provincial Council is the elected governing body of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island between General Meetings. Since becoming incorporated in early 2018, Provincial Councillors also serve as directors of the Green Party of Prince Edward Island Assoc. Inc. The Green Party of PEI maintains a Commercial General Liability policy to protect Councillors and other volunteers from liability issues that may arise in connection with party activities.

Councillors elected in 2021 will have an important role to play in preparing the party for the next election (scheduled for 2023) while ensuring the grassroots vitality of the party. It will be an exciting and personally enriching time, and we hope you'll put your name forward! Feel free to write to [email protected] for more information about the roles, or you can also write to any of the current Councillors to learn more about what the roles entail.

Provincial Council is responsible for:

  • making decisions between General Meetings, including maintaining policies and processes that conform with the Constitution & Bylaws;
  • implementing the actions required by the Constitution & Bylaws of the party;
  • fulfilling the party’s legal obligations to Elections PEI;
  • ensuring the health and vigour of the party, and its ability to fulfill its mission.


There are 10 elected, voting roles on Council: President and Vice President; Leader; Secretary-Treasurer, Fundraising Chair, Membership & Volunteering Chair; Western, Central, Eastern and Charlottetown Representatives.

There are also 3 appointed, non-voting roles on council: Deputy Leader; Executive Director; Official Agent.

Provincial Council meets regularly once per month. Occasionally, when there is need for more urgent decisions, Council may have special additional meetings. During the pandemic, our meetings have taken place online, although we look forward to the time when we can meet in person again.

Some Councillors may also serve as members in a standing or ad-hoc committee.

Learn more about Provincial Council and the various roles within it in the GPPEI’s Constitution & Bylaws (Article 9 and Bylaw 2), and in the role descriptions found in this document.

See who’s currently on Council at

About the Ombuds Committee

The Ombuds Committee consists of a Male and a Female Ombudsperson, elected to two-year terms that are normally up for election in alternating years.

The role of the Ombuds Committee is to receives complaints from members of the party regarding decisions made by units of the party (Provincial Council, Electoral District Associations, Caucuses, etc) which affect their rights as members, or concerns regarding party governance or conflicts within the party. The Committee may then investigate those complaints and make recommendations to the parties involved, Provincial Council and/or the membership at a General Meeting on how to resolve the conflict or subject of the complaint, as well as any changes that should be made to prevent similar problems in the future.

The Ombudspersons may also, of their own initiative, investigate a matter relating to the governance of the party and make recommendations to Provincial Council and/or the Members in General Meeting.

Learn more about the role of the Ombuds Committee in the GPPEI’s Constitution & Bylaws (Bylaw 6) and in this document.