Ombuds and Appeals Committee

The objective of the Green Partyof PEI Ombuds & Appeals Committee is to ensure that the voices of all of our members are heard and treated fairly - both by other members and by party institutions. The responsibilities and powers of the Ombuds & Appeals Committee are described in Bylaw 6 of the GPPEI Constitution & Bylaws.

If a member has an issue that warrants investigation, we will be happy to hear that complaint. All identities will remain anonymous, unless the complainant requests otherwise. The Ombuds and Appeals Committee shall:

  • Receive complaints or concerns from members of the Party, in regards to decisions made by organized units or functionaries of the Part affecting their rights as members or governance of the Party, or where they feel that a party member or unit has violated the Code of Conduct & Ethics.
  • Assess these complaints and concerns to ascertain what action, if any, is appropriate.
  • When further action is initiated, issue reports with committee's recommendations to all parties involved.

If you have a complaint, we encourage you to reach out directly to the people or groups involved first, to seek an answer or direct resolution. If the result of this is unsatisfactory for you, please direct your enquiry to: [email protected]

Current Ombudspeople:

Elizabeth Schoales - Female Ombudsperson

Greg Bradley - Male Ombudsperson.