PEI's Federal Green Candidates

As you know, there is a federal election afoot right now! While the Green Party of PEI is not involved in federal elections, we believe that ALL elections are important opportunities to practice active citizenship, participate in the democratic process, and make progress on the most important issues of our time.

So first and foremost, we hope that you will vote your values in this federal election - and if you have young voters in your life, please encourage them to make their voice heard, too. If you've moved or just become eligible to vote since the last federal election in 2019, check or update your voter registration on the Elections Canada website, and if you would feel safer voting by mail, make sure that Elections Canada receives your application no later than September 14th - click here for more information and to apply to vote by mail.

Of course, there are more ways to get involved in an election than voting alone. You can supercharge your democratic powers by directly supporting a candidate of your choice!

Here in PEI, there are federal Green candidates running in all four ridings. These candidates are running on the same values that drive the Green Party of PEI, and to bring urgent attention to the same issues PEI Greens are working on - like climate change, a working healthcare system, and affordable housing to name a few.

Here is some information about the four federal Green candidates running in PEI this election, and how to contact or support them:

(if you're not sure which riding you're in, you can find out by entering your postal code on this Elections Canada page)

Egmont - Alex Clark


To get involved, contact Jason Dodd at [email protected]

Follow on Facebook:

Donate or Request a Sign:




Malpeque - Anna Keenan

Website (Learn more, volunteer, donate, request a sign):

Follow on Social Media:
Twitter: @annackeenan
Instagram: @annackeenan

[email protected] (primary campaign contact email)
[email protected] (Anna's direct email)

Campaign office phone: (902) 367 3910
Campaign office address: Cornwall Plaza (at Main St & Meadowbank Rd), by the Independent Grocer.


Charlottetown - Darcie Lanthier

Website (Learn more, volunteer, donate, request a sign):

Follow on social media:
Twitter: @DarcieLanthier

[email protected]

Campaign office address: 215 Belvedere Avenue

Cardigan - Michael MacLean


Support (donate, volunteer, request a sign):

Follow on social media:
Twitter: @VoteMaclean
Instagram: @VoteMaclean

[email protected]


There are just three weeks left in this snap election campaign! These candidates are all doing their best to make it count, and we know they would appreciate any and all support.