PETER BEVAN-BAKER: Statement on the contempt the King government is showing Islanders

This week has seen stories in the media about Islanders who have no option for shelter but a tent in the woods. We have also heard how the absence of a plan for healthcare is eroding the system across the province and especially in rural PEI. And our inflation rate remains the highest in the country.

Today’s announcement of another $6.6M in paving shows the King Government does not understand the crises facing Islanders, or simply does not care.

The Official Opposition Green Caucus has been asking over and over for the Premier to stand in front of Islanders and tell us all his plans for improving all these things. Yet he chooses to remain silent while things steadily get worse.

Media has asked time and again for interviews with the Minister of Health to explain his plan for healthcare. Each and every request, including one just yesterday, has been given a resounding no – the Minister is unavailable. Yet he seems to have no problem touring the country and local socials for photo opportunities.

Media has been asking for weeks for an interview with the Premier. He is also unavailable, except maybe to judge a ribfest or to take a tour down south. In a time of crisis, a true leader faces the people and tells them how they are going to solve the challenge. We have seen none of this from Premier King or his Ministers.

Islanders are dumbfounded to see the only sign of leadership from this PC government is to make yet another pavement announcement. It wasn’t that long ago we watched this government decide to spend a whopping $192M on paving the backroads of PEI instead of taking the better deal of free dollars for housing and other infrastructure.

It is clear that we have an affordability crisis, a housing crisis, and a health care crisis, all of which have gotten worse under this government. To watch this government’s spending priorities you could only deduce that they think there is some sort of paving crisis.

Today’s announcement and the King government’s pattern of hiding from accountability shows a distressing level of contempt for the people of this province. This is unacceptable and deeply disappointing.

Peter Bevan-Baker, MLA New Haven – Rocky Point
Leader of the Official Opposition